Every good diet plan includes healthy and smart eating options coupled with some sort of physical activity. But have you ever thought of ways to accelerate your body’s natural metabolism and detox process to boost your weight loss and achieve your goals in less time? With detox teas, it is possible to do so in a healthy and safe way, while maintaining a lifestyle and routine that you can carry through life. 

You’ll find many ways to lose weight online, with guarantees and promises. While some of them might work, it won’t be healthy or sustainable for long term. You need to make sure that you are being smart about what you choose to follow. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about healthy and quick weight loss, as well as keeping that stubborn fat off for life! 

Eating Habits 

As experts say, food can make or break your efforts for weight loss. What you eat in a day contributes towards 70% of your total weight loss. You can give your best at the gym, but if you are not eating right, you’ll find it very difficult to shed off those pounds. Here are some tips and tricks to have healthy and effective weight loss by modifying your diet. 

  • Cutting Down on Junk Food
  • The first step for an effective weight loss is cutting down on junk food. Junk food is loaded with saturated and trans-fat that is not metabolized well by the body and usually settles down around the viscera. They are also high in sodium, which in addition to fat, also increase the water weight and cause bloating and salt water retention. It’s quite unhealthy to eat junk food regularly as it has low nutritional value and a lot of harmful chemicals and toxins added to enhance flavors. 

    You don’t have to completely give up on your favorite pepperoni pizza, but starting with having 2 slices instead of 4 will do the trick. As the body is used to a certain lifestyle and set amount of calories a day, with this simple act you can create a caloric deficit that can help you shed pounds until you can limit it even more. The same law applies for fizzy drinks and sodas. They are loaded with sugar that spikes up your insulin and tremendously increases the belly fat if made a regular part of the diet. They are also responsible for disrupting the normal balance of hormones, which increases the amount of cortisone in the body and causes a number of health issues, obesity being on the top. 

    There are many healthy alternatives to junk food. Homemade burgers, baked and grilled items are much healthier and still keep most of the flavors and taste intact. By the simple act of substituting and finding alternatives to healthy options, you can greatly improve your health without having to compromise on taste. For instance, full fat ice-creams can be replaced with delicious frozen yogurt, with more real fruits as toppings. Similarly, sweet potato fries are more nutrient dense and have good carbs as compared to potato fries.

  • Eliminating Processed Food 
  • It is easy to get tangled up in the easily accessibility and affordability of processed and packaged food when you go out for grocery shopping. While these food items do help you stay within a set budget, they are very bad for the health. These food items are often spiked up with chemicals and toxins to increase their shelf life and also enhance the taste. The readymade or pre-prepared foods that are quick to cook are also quite high in sodium content, which increases water weight and is quite bad for the heart health. The genetically modified food particles mess up the hormones and end up costing you double on health issues. 

    It is not easy to make the switch to pure and organic food, your taste will initially suffer and so will your wallet, but it is the smarter choice for long term. Organic food items have an intense, earthy taste and it definitely helps with weight loss. The body loves all-natural and healthy ingredients as it not only helps with the burning of fat, but also provides us with daily demands of vitamins and minerals. 


  • High Protein Diet 
  • Increasing the amount of protein is another great way to lose weight. Our muscles get their nourishment mainly through protein. By having a protein rich diet, we force our bodies to burn fats as fuel, while also increasing the muscle mass. The healthier our muscles, the more calories we burn in a day! There are many sources of protein, dairy and meat being the most easily available. But if you are a vegetarian or allergic to dairy, you can still get loaded up on proteins through lentils, beans, tofu, chia seeds and chickpeas amongst other things. 

    All your meals should contain protein in the highest portion size, whereas good carbs and fats should make up for the remainder of it. This keeps the metabolism up and helps you lose weight at a faster rate by rapidly burning the amount of stored fat in the body. 

  • Cutting Down on Sugar and Starch 
  • Sugar and starch are the main culprits for a sluggish metabolism, and they also cause fatigue and laziness so that you are too lethargic and low on energy to fit in physical activity throughout the day. Processed sugar is present in most readymade and junk food items, and starch is mainly found in potatoes and rice. While it’s impossible to completely eliminate these foods from the diet, as they are a staple in most households, cutting down on them and using different preparation methods can greatly help with weight loss. For instance, boiled rice with drained water has low starch content. Substituting potatoes with sweet potatoes are also a great option, as they are more nutrient dense and low on starch. 

  • Using More Good Fats and Carbs 
  • Carbs and fats are not all bad! There are many healthy options available that not only fill your stomach, but also actively help with healthy and sustainable weight loss. Good carbs nourish the body and are crucial for brain function. Therefore, it is not recommended to lower your carb intake to a dangerous level, as our main source of energy comes through them. Healthy carbs don’t spike the blood sugar, and

    have low glycemic index so that they are easily digestible, and increase the feeling of satiety so you feel full for longer. These good carbs include barley, oats, whole wheat, brown rice and quinoa. Most natural grains are healthy for the body in moderation and help with weight loss. 

    Healthy fats are also a great source of nourishment and energy. They are not stored in the body, and help metabolize the excess fat as well as give the body’s natural metabolism a much needed boost. Healthy fats are good for the heart health and brain activity. These healthy fats include organic coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, avocados and a number of dry fruits. Replace the processed vegetable and sunflower oil with pure coconut oil and it will work like magic to accelerate weight loss and improve your health! 


  • Maintaining Low Sodium Diet 
  • It may be hard at first to identify the sources of high sodium, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easier to maintain it for life. High sodium causes water retention in the body. It makes the body look swelled, with a painfully distended abdomen, bloated stomach and increase in the water weight. It is also bad for the heart and blood pressure. In fact, many people get hypertensive by using excessive salt/consuming food with high sodium content on regular basis. 

    Low sodium diet helps maintain an optimum kidney function and you’ll notice a flattening in your belly just after a few days. High potassium food items like bananas, kale and spinach also help reduce the water weight and keep the sodium levels in check. 


    Making an Easy to Follow Routine 

    You can never keep off the weight you lose if you don’t change your routine and eating habits permanently. Crash diets and temporary diet plans may help you reach your desired weight, but won’t help you sustain it. For that, you need to permanently make changes in your routine. These changes don’t have to be too drastic and difficult to get used to, but by simple changes that are easy to sustain and get used to. 

    Meal preparations is one of the most important part of a healthy routine change. Most often, we get so busy with work and everyday life that we end up getting junk food or picking up processed and ready to eat food while grocery shopping. Meal preps help you break out of this unhealthy habit. It doesn’t demand much of your time and can be eased into once you are used to it. Cutting, dicing and preparing portion sizes, as well as marinating the meat and tofu, and boiling and steaming grains and veggies for the whole week in advance saves up a lot of time an energy in the long run. It also helps you assess the amount of calories you consume throughout the day. 

    Getting a food scale is also good to maintain steady portion sizes and be mindful of how much we are eating in a day. Looking up the caloric content of food once will help you determine how many calories you are consuming per meal, and it also allows you to create a diet centered around creating a caloric deficit for your given body weight, so it’s easier to lose without fussing too much about portion sizes or calories throughout the week. 

    Physical Activity and Exercise 

    You can never go wrong with a good exercise routine. Your body and mind will love those extra surge of endorphins every day, and it will help you gain endurance and build stamina. It also gives our body a much needed energy boost to carry ourselves well throughout the day. 

    Most people don’t get time off from their hectic routine to get a gym subscription or workout daily. For those who have a sedentary lifestyle, even 3 days of physical activity every week can greatly help with weight loss and build enough endurance. With time and increasing energy and stamina, it gets easier to incorporate some sort of physical activity in daily life and maintain it. Exercising don’t have to be boring or tiresome. Treadmills and jogging are not the only ways to lose weight. Join a fun Zumba class and tap your feet to your favorite soundtracks, go for a swim on a hot day, learn new skills like archery and horse-riding, or opt for a fun sports like badminton or football! 

    The main purpose should be to stay active and on your feet. You can even earn a little extra money by being a dog walker or helping out in the gym. There are many ways to include physical activity and exercising in your routine, if you are really committed towards your health and have the drive to do so. 


    Hydration and Stress Reduction 

    Uncontrolled stress is the number one cause of weight gain in this day and age. Stress releases cortisone in the body, and hen the levels of cortisone go unchecked, they cause a number of health issues. Obesity is on number one amongst these health problems. Many people ignore their mental health in pursuit of better physical health and lifestyle. This is quite detrimental to our overall health, as a stressed out person will have no energy left to make healthier choices or enroll in any physical activity.

    There are many ways to manage stress. Making out time for the finer things in life, meditation, enjoying the things you like, and giving time to your hobbies and interests can all greatly help with stress management. 

    Hydration is also a very important part of a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day, as well as healthy and nutritious drinks to keep your body hydrated. With proper hydration, the liver and kidneys also stay healthy and it gives the metabolism and detoxification process in the body a much needed boost, which ultimately leads to weight loss. 

    Detox Tea 

    Last but not least, detox tea is excellent for weight loss. While maintaining a healthy lifestyle with clean eating and exercising is crucial to weight loss, with the help of detox teas, you can greatly accelerate this process and reach your goal weight in a much shorter time period! 

    There are many ways in which detox teas help you lose weight and maintain a healthy body. Here are some of the benefits of detox tea for weight loss. 

  • Detoxification
  • As its name suggests, the number one function of a good and potent detox tea is to bring about detoxification in the body. As we discussed earlier, most food items these days are highly processed and contain high levels of toxins and chemicals, as well as artificial sweeteners and flavors that are not identified by the body as nutrition. These toxins are then stored in the body as a form of harmful and stubborn fat that’s hard to shed. They also overwhelm the body’s natural detox organs like liver, kidney, lungs, blood and the lymphatic system. 

    Detox tea boosts the body’s natural detoxification process with the help of plant based herbs and spices, as well as active ingredients that help with cleansing and purifying, and also boost the body’s metabolism. 


  • Boosts Metabolism 
  • Another great benefit of making detox teas a natural part of your diet is to enjoy the high metabolic rate that burns off fat in no times and keep you active and full of energy throughout the day. There are a number of ways by which detox teas bring about this acceleration of body’s natural metabolic process.

    Firstly, it accelerates the functions of the detox organs to cleanse the body. Secondly, it helps with digestion so that food is easily absorbed, broken down and digested by the body to release energy and give a much needed boost to the body. With increased metabolism, the body consumes stored fat in the body for energy, aiding in weight loss. High metabolism also prevents a number of diseases and keeps you active so that you are more likely to exercise or indulge in some sort of physical activity on a daily basis. It also regulates the mood and keeps the brain alert so you can be more productive and creative. 


  • Improved Liver Function 
  • Detox tea is made from all natural and potent herbs and spices that are excellent for the body. They help the liver by improving its function when tis too overwhelmed by the high toxin content found in processed and junk food. It helps the bile production by liver, and also helps with the breakdown of fat. With the regular use of detox tea, you can prevent fatigue and overwork of liver that can lead to cirrhosis or fatty liver condition. 

    One thing to note here is that detox tea has active ingredients and shouldn’t be consumed beyond its recommended daily dose. Moderation is key when trying to lose weight through detox tea, as hyperactivity of the liver can lead to increased production of bile which presents itself in the body in the form of jaundice. 

  • Improved Kidney Function 
  • Detox tea has certain ingredients that work as diuretics. This diuresis effect flushes out toxins from the body, and also quickly bring down the water weight so that you can find a noticeable difference in your weight just after a few days of use. It prevents retention of water in case of excessive salt c

    and flattens the abdomen and prevents distention and bloating, as well as excessive flatulence and other painful conditions. 

    One thing to note here, is that also though you’ll lose water weight and also get rid of bloating, it is not fat loss and therefore it isn’t permanent. Fat loss can only happen with an active lifestyle and a good daily routine with physical activity and an overall productive lifestyle. Also, an excess of this diuretic effect can result in frequent urination, diarrhea and even dehydration, which is dangerous for t the body.


  • Improved Digestion 
  • Detox tea greatly helps with digestion, and prevents painful conditions such as constipation, piles, heartburn, gas and bloating. It also helps with the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals which can be prevented in case of a sluggish digestion. As detox teas cleanse the body, they also reduce inflammation of the digestive tract so that its performance is enhanced. 

    This also increases the metabolism and breakdown of fat and its elimination from the system. However, excessive detox tea beyond its recommended quantity can cause diarrhea which leads to weakness and dehydration. 

  • Essential Vitamins and Minerals 
  • Detox tea is made from natural and organic herbs that are good for the health. These include ginger, lemongrass, chamomile, dandelion root, peppermint, parsley, lemon, and many other such herbs and ingredients that carry plant based vitamins and minerals in them. These vitamins and minerals can’t naturally be produced by the body, so they are much needed and very well received by the body for its optimal function and nourishment. 

    Many of these plant based compounds also contain active ingredients, such as catechins and polyphenols which help in weight loss by increasing the natural satiety and making the stomach feel full for longer hours. They also work as appetite suppressants, and help us make better eating choices throughout the day while preventing unhealthy snacking and craving for junk and high carb food items. 

    Detox Teas should be consumed according to a strict regime suggested by the brand. Leptinteatox offers healthy and highly effective detox tea cleansing programs ranging from 2 weeks to 2 months, with morning and night cleanse in the form of teabags and loose tea leaves. It is important to give a 3-6 months gap between each detox tea regime to make sure the body gets a much needed rest and break in between, and the detox system is not overworked.