Fresh organic produce is on the rise. Living in the modern world comes with its cost. With the advancements in technology and progression of society, food is one of the things that has suffered greatly due to all the processing and genetic modification. This makes out of season vegetables and fruits available throughout the year, but at what cost? The toxins and harmful chemicals they carry can disrupt your body’s natural balance greatly, and leave you with a number of health problems due to hormonal issues and weight gain. 

Tea is something that almost everyone drinks on a daily basis. It keeps you alert and gives you energy to carry on with your day. Most people are even addicted to it to the point that they start feeling unwell without their daily caffeine boost. But what if this tea was also contaminated with a significant number of toxins and chemicals that prove to be a threat to your health? The very thing you take to stay alert, energized and healthy can become a source of lethargy, fatigue and even depression. Or this reason, it is very important to consume tea that contains herbs and ingredients in their purest, organic form. Organic tea is great for the body and mind, and it is not that hard to find! There are many great brands that make organic tea readily available for their customers, so that you can replace it with your regular tea or coffee, and enjoy the many health benefits of it.

What is Organic Tea?

Organic teas are the herbal teas that can be available in tea bags or as loose tea packs. They are made without any pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and have an all-natural approach. The natural manure and care taken to grow and harvest these organic tea leaves make them very potent and healthy, so that you can reap the benefits of nature’s pure blessings without having to deal with the side effects of manmade chemicals and additives. The soul is enriched with natural manure and nutrients so that the tea leaves are grown in their best form. 

The entire process of cultivating tea leaves is surely tiresome, but it produces a truly high quality organic tea that is excellent for health. These tea leaves are most commonly found in Japan, China and Taiwan. In fact, in the Chinese traditions, green tea and detox teas are being cultivated and brewed for thousands of years in pure and organic form so that they are completely pure. The organic tea has a superior taste, color and aroma as compared to regular tea and coffee. 

The improved and intense flavors are very enjoyable and also great for your health. They have all the plant based minerals and vitamins that our body can’t naturally produce and need from an outside source. Beneficial substances such as polyphenols and catechins are found in much higher concentrations in organic teas. The plants from which these organic tea leaves are harvested can survive for over a 100 or more years. If you are a true tea lover, you’d be able to notice the difference between regular tea and genuine organic tea, and once you are accustomed to the taste of organic tea, there’s no going back!

Benefits of Organic Tea

Organic tea can be more towards the pricier end as compared to the regular tea brands available in the market. Why must one go for the organic tea in such cases? Here are the most important reason why you should make the switch sooner rather than later.

  • Nutrient Pollution Due to Fertilizer 
  • The conventional agricultural process makes use of fertilizers in large quantity. These fertilizers can damage not only the tea leaves, but the environment too. Synthetic fertilizers greatly affect the integrity and potency of the tea leaves, and also leave traces of toxins on it which enter the body when the tea is consumed. Synthetic fertilizers are also extremely bad for the environment. 

    When used frequently, they acidify the soil and play a big role towards nitrogen runoff in the environment. This damages our precious ecosystem from rivers, streams and bay downstream to the air we breathe where teas are grown. It also has a significant effect on the fishing industry and make the seafood full of toxins. On the other hand, organic fertilizes can help limit this problem, if not completely eliminate it. It is better for the environment and also the tea leaves.

  • Chemicals and Pesticides 
  • Organic tea is free from chemicals and pesticides that are used to keep the insects and pests infestation at bay. These chemicals are often used carelessly and can greatly affect the quality and safety of the tea leaves. They pose a great many health risks, as they enter our body with the tea we drink. These toxins are not recognized by our body as food components, and can be settled around the organs in the form of fats. They disrupt the natural harmony of the body by messing up the hormonal levels and can result in a number of physical and mental issues when consumed regularly. 

    Green tea and many varieties of detox tea are said to have anti-cancer properties, but when they are treated with these harsh and dangerous chemicals, they can become one of the carriers of toxins that indeed cause this deadly disease. The only way to get rid of all these problems and make sure your body is safe and healthy, is to switch to organic tea.

  • Potency and Flavor
  • Organic tea is highly potent and more flavorful as it is present in its natural form. It has a stronger taste and color which is much more enjoyable and beneficial for the body. It carries all the plant based vitamins and minerals that our body needs to be healthy and active. It also alleviates the mood and gives a much needed energy boost to carry with your day in a more productive and creative way. 

    Organic certification 

    All produces and food items that are made organically have to follow the protocol of the organic certification. This means that the organic tea must be completely free of any synthetic chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. They should be free of all kinds of toxins, additives and

    artificial flavoring that can be damaging for the health. Organic certification also prohibits the process of GMO (genetically modified organisms) that is often found in processed food items. The organic tea leaves are required to be maintained in a chemical free, pure and natural form until their consumption. The organic and non-organic products are kept separately and the organic certification is the ultimate guide of reliability to know that the product you are purchasing is in fact healthy for you and purely organic. 

    Organic agriculture is the step towards the right direction for a healthier life not just for us but our future generation. It is not only good for our body, but for our environment too. It may not be an instant solution but it is one small step that can really help with the conservation of environment and to have a healthier lifestyle. Spend a few extra bucks and switch to organic tea, you’ll find it to be a more valuable option in the long run as your health will be much better this way and you can enjoy a good quality of life.

    Best Organic Tea Brand 

    There are many well-known ad reliable brands that sell authentic and pure organic tea. Leptinteatox is one of the best brands that sell purely organic tea that helps you maintain a healthy weight and many other impressive benefits. Their line of detox teas come in a lot of value packages, including 2 weeks to 2 month long plans, morning cleanse and night cleanses depending on your need. 

    It is a simple and effective way to cleanse and purify the body, and can help you stay on track with clean eating and exercising. The Leptinteatox team works tirelessly to bring you the organic and high quality super ingredients like lime leaf, goji berries, dandelion leaf and other potent plant based herbs for the most delicious cup of organic detox tea. These super ingredients impact your physical and mental health in a major way, and helps you feel the difference and positives changes in the way you look and feel about yourself and your life. 

    The all natural and herbal tea by Leptinteatox is completely organic and has been used for their detox tea formulas after extensive and thorough research. It detoxifies and cleanse the mind and body with its high quality ingredients that are flavorful and potent. Here are some of the impressive benefits of organic tea by Leptinteatox.

  • Weight Loss
  • Most people are motivated to make the switch because these organic detox teas can help in weight loss. The short detox cleanse helps you jump start your metabolism so you can keep up with a healthy and active life style even after the detox plan is completed. There are many ways through which it brings about these positive changes in the body. The most important thing is detoxification, as it gets rid of all the toxins and metabolic waste in the body so your organs and skin can breathe and not be fatigued with overwork. When these toxins are left unchecked in the body, they can be stored in the form of stubborn fat. Organic tea helps to mobilize this fat so that it is expelled out of the body. 

    The plant based herbs used for the production of this organic tea have a great number of active ingredients that specially target fat and promote weight loss. These include a high number of

    Improved Gut Health

    Organic tea is very good for the digestive health. Natural herbs like peppermint, parsley, anise, fennel seeds and chamomile promote healthy digestion and remove toxins and waste. They are good for the colon which has the capacity to hold multiple pounds of waste and can easily be damaged or inflamed. Regular consumption of organic tea reduces painful conditions like heartburn, constipation, bloating, excessive flatulence and frequent stomach aches. 

    If the toxins and metabolic waste goes unchecked in the body, it can prevent the absorption of nutrients from the digestive track, and cause inflammation and health issues. This bloating, water weight and malnourishment can be prevented by detox tea in its pure organic form with high quality ingredients.

  • High Energy 
  • Herbs like chamomile, lemongrass, rosemary and mint are very good for brain health. They keep the mind alert and productive throughout the day. Some organic tea also have caffeine in their composition. This gives you a much needed energy boost and keeps you alert throughout the day. You will also find the energy to fit in physical activity and exercises in your routine. The boost of energy keeps lethargy, fatigue and mood swings at bay and helps you think more clearly and sharply. 

    When organic tea is made a regular part of the routine along with clean eating and frequent exercises, you’ll find yourself free from a number of mental health issues like anxiety, depression and mood swings. It is the best option for a well-rounded mental and physical health and to keep you energized and creative. You won’t only be productive at work, but also have a better quality of life at home.

    anti-oxidants that eliminate free radicals from the body and prevent cell membranes from absorbing toxins back into the body. It is also great for the skin and fills you up with positive energy so that you make good health choices throughout the day. Organic tea has a satiety effect on the body so you feel full for a longer time and not indulge in unhealthy snacks and drinks or junk food. 

    Another important component is the hydroxycitric acid (HCA) as well as catechins and flavonoids. All of these are great for the organs and boost detoxification. HCA is a potent appetite suppressant so that you can practice portion control and be more mindful. The healthy and natural ingredients are present in their purest form to keep you full and active. It also helps in the reduction of water weight as it has a diuretic effect and significantly reduces bloating and constipation. It flushes out excessive salt retention from the body and makes you feel light and your abdomen to appear flatter. It is important to note that this is not fat reduction but water weight reduction. Fat reduction takes time and patience, and must be done along with a healthy life style and mindful choices.


    Detoxification is the most important function of a good organic tea. Without efficient detoxification, a person can suffer from a number of health issues including weight gain, acne and other skin problems, delayed healing, hormonal issues and mental health issues. 

    Organic tea brings detoxification in the body through the action of natural herbs that are free of any side effects. They boost the body’s natural defense mechanism and immunity, and improve the function of kidneys, lung, liver, blood and lymphatic system to be more efficient. With the strengthening of immune system, the body is more capable to fight of lethargy, infections, inflammation, seasonal diseases and fatigue.

  • Healthy Skin 
  • Plant based vitamins and minerals work wonders for the skin! Antioxidants are warmly welcomed by aging and inflamed skin, and you’ll find the acne and stubborn breakouts clearing up soon enough, leaving behind a healthy glow and shine. Your skin is hydrated and nourished with much needed healthy nutrients that reverse the signs of aging and prevents wrinkles and sagging of the skin with time. It also helps maintain the elasticity of the skin and keeps it smooth and lustrous. It is also good for the hair as it prevents hair fall by improving scalp health and limiting dehydration and dandruff.

    Considerations and Side Effects

    Although organic tea is very good for your health, everything works to its full potential when used in moderation. There are a number of active ingredients in organic tea for detox, that can’t be used in excess otherwise they can cause hypermobility of the digestive track, leading to diarrhea and dehydration. Detox plans should only be used for a specific amount of time and not repeated without a significant gap of at least 3-6 months. 

    It is also important to know that you can’t truly enjoy the health benefits of organic detox tea without making changes to your lifestyle as well. Clean eating and exercising from time to time goes hand in hand with detox teas and detoxification process. A well balanced routine is the key to a healthy life and good physical and mental health. By making small changes and switches in your life, you’ll find the quality of life improving to a great extent. 

    In order to make organic detox tea a regular part of your routine, choose the flavors that you like the best so that you can enjoy your tea time. Make sure of the authenticity and purity of the organic tea you choose.