Green Tea holds a great repute in Asia, and is one of the most widely consumed hot beverages. Green tea is so famous that you can now find green tea flavored ice creams and chewing gums as well! This shows how widely accepted and loved this beverage is, and not just for its taste but its great health benefits. Green tea takes its roots from traditional Chinese culture, where the green tea leaves were used for their medicinal and healing properties. Since then, it has expanded its use and is well loved by people all over the world. 

This article is the ultimate guide for green tea addicts. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about this magical potion and how it can change your lifestyle for the best!

Origin of Green Tea 

As mentioned above, green tea was first used by Chinese as a traditional medicine to heal the sick and also promote a healthy lifestyle. Green tea is made with the leaves of Camellia sinensis tea plant. This all natural herb has a number of great properties that are excellent for health and promotes a healthy lifestyle. The Camellia sinensis tea leaves are also an active ingredient in other teas such as oolong, pu-erh tea, black tea and even white tea. There are many other herbs used in the green tea to impart distinct flavors and provide impressive health benefits.

Regardless of the flavors and ingredients of green tea, they all have a characteristic color ranging from pale green to light yellow depending on how strong the brew is. Green tea is made using the leaves of an actual plant rather than its stems, roots or flowers. For this reason, it contains all the all-natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other plant based active ingredients that are well received and loved by the body. 

Green tea is also present in the form of Matcha green tea which has a vibrant and rich green color and a delicious taste. Most other green teas have an earthy and herbal taste depending on the herbs and spices used in its production. Typically, the loose tea leaves have a more intense and distinct taste with strong flavors, as compared to teabags which are lighter and have a mild taste. 

Different Types of Green Tea 

Although Green Tea is essentially just a tea, with its growing popularity, it is now available in several forms in the market and online. Here are some of the most common forms of Green tea that you can enjoy with distinct flavors and taste.

  • Teabags 
  • These remain the most commonly available and used form of green tea. Tea bags are very easy to brew, and hold great flavors and a number of health benefits. All you need is some hot boiling water to soak the tea bag in for under 5 minutes, and your hot cup of delicious goodness is ready to go. Enjoy it in the

    morning for an energy boost, or have a big cup of tea in the evening or before you go to bed, so that your mind can relax and you can reap the rewards of tis healthy ingredients even when you are fast asleep. 

    The herbs and spices of green tea are processed and packed into a tea bag in recommended single quantity by the factory. You can brew it as a hot cup of tea or even make iced tea with it by slowly letting it seep into the water. You can drink this cup of tea with your meals or have it as an evening tea to relax. There are a number of flavors to choose from depending on your need and taste

  • Liquid Concentration
  • Now you can consume green tea without having to brew the herbs and straining them. You can mix the liquid concentration extracted from the tea leaves and herbs into the water and enjoy a fresh cup of tea within seconds! This can be used to make a hot cup of tea or an iced tea, or even ice creams and other treats that you can use for parties. It is the best solution for those who have a busy life and want their tea to be prepared in a matter of seconds. It saves a lot of time and you won’t have to wait for the water to boil or the tea leaves to seep into it and add flavors. Just add a few drops of the liquid concentrate into warm or cold water and you are good to go! 

    The concentrated form of green tea holds all the potent health benefits of the tea leaves. However, you may miss the intense earthy flavors that comes with a direct brew of tea leaves. Nevertheless, it is still a pure and all-natural form of the tea leaves that is quick and effective for all the busy bees out there. 

  • Tablet and Capsule Form 
  • There are people who don’t really enjoy the earthy flavors and intense taste of the all herbal and natural green tea. If you are one of those, and still want to reap the health benefits of green tea, you can get them in capsule or tablet form! 

    Tablet form of green tea is of course, completely solid and is readily dissolved into the body to target the detox organs and bring about effective cleansing and detoxification. These tablets are often fortified with

    a number of other plant based minerals and vitamins, and may also have cellulose that is excellent for the skin. 

    On the other hand, the capsule form has a gel filling inside of it that can be taken as a tablet, or dissolved into the water and brewed as a cup of green tea. The gelatin like capsules also work the same way as liquid concentration of green tea so that you can quickly brew a delicious cup of tea. Make sure that you are using only one capsule at a time though, as with such concentrated forms it is easy to overdose on it!

    Instant Green Tea 

    Instant green tea is available in the form of power that is mixed into hot or cold water. These are most commonly found in matcha green teas, but can also be available for other herbal blends with a wider range of flavors to enjoy. All you need to do is scoop in the recommended amount of green tea and mix it well with water to have a delicious cup of hot or cold beverage. You may also add sweeteners to enhance the flavors. 

    Benefits of Green Tea 

    Green tea has a number of amazing health benefits. It is the reason why they are so popular and well loved by people all over the world. Here are some of the great health benefits you can enjoy by regular consumption of green tea.

  • Healthy Heart
  • Your heart is going to love that morning and evening boost of green tea! The herbs found in green tea contain plant based antioxidants as well as polyphenols and catechins that are great for the heart muscles and promote strong and healthy heart. The antioxidants provide a healthy blood circulation and lowers the risk of cholesterol and clot formation that is very dangerous for the heart. 

    Tea polyphenols regulate the blood pressure and sugar level in the blood so that your insulin doesn’t spike. It keeps the LDL cholesterol in check and prevents the clogging of arteries. Several studies held in Japan supports all of these claims and proves that people who drink green tea on a regular basis are protected from a number of cardiovascular diseases and lead a much healthier lifestyle. 

  • Effective Weight Loss
  • This is one of the most impressive and desirable benefits of green tea, and is the number one reason for its wide consumption all over the world. The concentrated and all-natural forms of green tea helps in weight loss by boosting the metabolic process of the body and helping in the metabolism of fats so that they are mobilized from the body and effectively eliminated from the system.

    One major way through which green tea aids in weight loss is by promoting the detoxification process in the body. When the body is regularly cleansed and the toxins are removed from the system, it helps

    weight loss and promotes a healthier lifestyle. The catechins in green tea keeps the energy levels up and gives a much needed boost to the mind so that you can make mindful and healthy choices throughout the day. It greatly enhances the metabolism, boosts immunity and promotes a healthy and robust liver function to bring about effective cleansing. The body is able to burn fat at a higher rate. You also lose water weight and the amount of water retention is reduced so that the stomach doesn’t appear distended or bloated. 

    The primary function of green tea is to help shed water weight by flushing out salt water retention and bringing down water weight. But this is not the only effect, as it does in fact accelerate fat oxidation and help the liver to breakdown fats which are then released as energy to keep you more active and alert throughout the day. This leads to increased productivity and also allows you to stay more active and fit in some form of physical activity and exercise into your daily routine. 

    The boost in metabolism by the natural herbs found in green tea can be further enhanced by the addition of caffeine in the ingredients. According to research, as little at 300 mg of caffeine in your daily brew can aid in effective weight loss and promote a healthy lifestyle for years to come.

  • Enhances Alertness of Brain 
  • The brain activity is enhanced by increasing the alertness and awareness. The natural and potent herbs found in green tea when consumed on a regular basis, can help with a number of neurologically degenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s. It can also boost the memory and keep the mind alert so that you can make healthier choices throughout the day. 

    One thing to note here is that green tea can’t cure an already existing neurological condition, but rather prevent them with an all-natural and herbal approach when consumed regularly. Some researchers also proves that green tea can improve the spatial cognition and improve memory. 

  • Improved Digestion 
  • A lot of health problems stems from a retarded and sluggish digestion. With regular and moderate use of green tea, you can get rid of a number of painful digestive issues. This include bloating, distended abdomen, excessive flatulence, heartburn and constipation. It promotes healthy digestion and effective elimination of toxins, chemicals and metabolic waste.

    Green tea also has a diuretic effect by boosting the natural performance of kidney and further helping in the removal of toxins from the body. Be careful to not exceed he recommended daily dosage of green tea, as this effect when overused, can cause diarrhea and dehydration in the body. Moderation is the key when it comes to enjoying the health benefits of green tea and making it an active part of your lifestyle for years to come.