The human body is equipped with a very efficient and proactive detox and cleansing system that excretes out all waste and toxic components from the body. We have our kidneys, lungs, livers, blood and lymphatics to thank for removing these metabolic wastes, and allowing us to be healthy and free of toxins. Unfortunately, with the modern civilization and technological growth, humans have inevitably been exposed to toxins and environmental pollutants that can very easily overwhelm our immune system and organs. The change of diet and genetically modified and processed products have also added to this problem and have made it quite difficult for our body’s natural detox to clear them out. This bombardments of chemicals, additives, toxins and pollutants raise the need for an additional detoxification so that we can lead a healthy and well-rounded life. 

It is quite dangerous for these toxins to stay in our body for long, as they are not recognized as natural food components, and can settle down in the form of stubborn fat that’s hard to shed. The best way to fight this problem and reverse your declining health is to make detox tea a regular part of your diet. Besides having a detoxifying effect on the body, detox teas also help stimulate our organs to be more efficient and our metabolism to rise to a level that we are able to achieve weight loss.

Herbal Tea and Detoxification 

Detoxification is one of the most important functions of our body. We need it to function well, have a good physical and mental health, and be more productive and creative in our daily tasks. It greatly improves the quality of life and help us stay happy and healthy. This detoxing is naturally achieved through our digestive tract, kidneys, blood, lungs and liver. Everyone’s body is full equipped and capable to detoxify the metabolic waste and toxins, but every now and then, you do need an extra boost and assistance, especially if you are prone to an unhealthy diet or a sedentary lifestyle. 

Weight gain is one of the most significant problems of the modern world. This is due to processed food and drinks, as well as a relaxed and inactive lifestyle. The necessities of life keeps us busy and doesn’t leave enough time to focus on our health, or take out enough time to be more active and work towards our physical health. The harmful toxins and chemicals in the food we eat further add to this problem of weight gain. When too many toxins are present in an already inactive and overweight body, it inevitably overwhelms it and leads to significant problems like indigestion, fatigue, lethargy, headaches, PMS, mood swings, jaundice, bloating, acne, low energy, immune deficiency amongst many other things. In fact, it can greatly accelerate the body’s aging process as well! 

In such cases, the smart option is to give your body some well needed rest and a boost of help with detox tea. Detoxification cleanses out the body of impurities and restores good health so that you can enjoy a good quality of life and be there for your loved ones. It also helps you to be more creative and happy at work and in your personal life.

How Does Detox Tea Help?

In order to assist our bodies with detoxification, we need an external source, which can be in the form of diet or medicines. It is not easy to keep up with a purely organic diet as it is not affordable and is hard to maintain, whereas medicines can have many side effects on our health and can be problematic in the long run. In these cases, you’ll find that detox teas are the most prevalent option for detoxification and cleansing of the body through natural and herbal means that leave no side effect or danger to our health in the long run. 

Detox teas are a form of herbal tea that are made from a variety of potent herbs and spices that aid in detoxification and weight loss in a number of ways. They take their roots from the traditional Chinese medicine that has been used for over centuries to help with the cleansing and purification of the body, and maintain a healthy body and mental state. These herbs that are used in detox teas are not addictive in any way, so they are safe to use and any time that you want to stop using or take a break from detox, you won’t feel any withdrawal symptoms or change in moods. Detox teas can have caffeine, especially those that are used to replace a morning boost of coffee, or they can be completely natural and caffeine free to be totally free of any side effects. 

There are several varieties of detox teas available in the market, each with their own unique herbs as well as active ingredients that boost the body’s metabolism and help it in detoxification which then leads to weight loss. These herbs include ginger, chamomile, lemongrass, liquorice, cinnamon, mint, fennel, anise, dandelion, burdock root, juniper berries, sage, mint, cloves, parsley, nutmeg, coriander, turmeric, Echinacea, fenugreek, black pepper and cardamom amongst many other things. You’ll find that most of these items are also present in food as natural ingredients, but their potency and effect increases in detox teas as they are in their purest and most concentrated form so that you can reap maximum benefits.

Natural Effects of Detox Teas

The natural herbs found in the detox teas help the body in losing weight and cleansing by the simple act of assistance. Our body already knows how to perform the functions well, it just needs a little boost to get the work done when tis too overwhelmed. Herbs do that in the purest and safest way. 

  • Improved Liver Function
  • These herbs found in detox teas accelerate liver function by assisting in the effective break down of the component ‘cortisone’ in the liver. If the levels of cortisone are left unchecked, it can cause a number of problems, the most worrisome of which is excessive stress that’s unmanageable and leads to inflammation, skin problems, digestive issues and many other problems. These herbs also assist the liver to simulate bile and increase the digestion of fat as well as proteins so that they can be easily absorbed into the body. 

  • Improved Digestion
  • Another effect of these herbs is on the body’s digestive tract. Detox teas help regulate the normal bowel movement and also prevents the absorption of toxins from the food we eat. This also prevents problems

    like bloating, excessive flatulence, heartburn and constipation. Most skin problems and even mood issues can stem from an inefficient digestion. By making detox teas a regular part of your diet, you can eliminate this issue and keep your digestion in check. 

    The herbs in the detox tea flush out metabolic waste and toxins from the excretory system. They also have a diuretic effect on the body which further aids in removal of toxins as well as harmful chemicals, additives and preservative found in food that can otherwise prove to be very dangerous for the health.

  • Anti-Oxidants 
  • Some herbs in detox teas contain anti-oxidants which helps the body in many ways. As the ingredients are purely plant based, they have many vitamins and minerals that help boost the body’s immunity and metabolic rate at impressive rates. Anti-oxidants are amazing for the skin, they reverse the signs of aging and slows down the process altogether. It also limits the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes and skin tags. They keep the skin looking healthy and prevents acne outbreaks and infections or inflammation.

    Detox Tea Regime 

    It is very simple to make detox teas a part of your daily routine. They are available in the market in the form of teabags or loose teas, and can be brewed like a simple cup of tea or coffee which is already a part of most people’s morning and evening routines. You won’t have to go out of the way to have them on a daily basis, and most of the products are quite affordable as well. 

    The natural and purely herbal detox teas can be used once or twice a day, usually in the mornings and at night before going to bed. The morning teas may or may not have caffeine. The caffeinated version is great if you are addicted to coffee or strong tea, as you can replace it with a healthier and more natural option that will help your body to cleanse and detoxify while keeping you alert and giving you a much needed caffeine boost to start your day. 

    By drinking one to two cups of detox tea per day, the herbs can have a good effect on the body, even when you are sleeping. When you wake up after a night cleanse of detox tea, your body will be well equipped and ready to get you started for the day with energy and efficiency of removing waste and toxins. It also keeps the metabolic rate of the body up, so that you can be more active. Some herbs have the effect of making you feel satiated, which prevents senseless eating and munching on unhealthy snacks throughout the day. All of these help in weight loss, and also give you the energy to keep up with exercise and clean eating on a regular basis. 

    It is important to note that it is advised to drink the detox tea only once or twice in a day. If you drink the detox tea more than that, it can overwhelm your digestive track and you can get diarrhea. It can also be quite frustrating as you’ll be going to the bathroom again and again. So with everything else, for detox teas too, moderation is the key! Drinking the natural and herbal detox tea just for a period of week will give you notable changes that you’ll really appreciate and enjoy. It will help you get a flatter abdomen as it greatly reduces bloating and lowers the water weight of the body. One thing to note here is that this function, if overused, can result in dehydration. With a moderate use of detox tea, you can flush out salt retention and prevent bloating and flaunt a flat abdomen. 

    How Often Should You Use Detox Teas?

    Detox teas should not be used continually over several months for the same reason that you don’t want to overwhelm your body with excessive assistance. With continual stimulation of the digestive track, you might continue to have diarrhea which is dangerous in the long term as you lose electrolytes and can even have dehydration. It can also result in stomach aches and frequent urination, and can leave you feeling fatigued and upset. 

    So it’s best to use the detox teas for a period of 2 months and then give a gap of 3-6 months before starting it again. It is the ideal balance and will give you the best detoxification and cleansing effect that your body will love. Over a period of 3-6 months, your body will definitely need the assistance and help, and the much needed boost to keep up a good metabolic rate and effective detoxification. In this way, you can also maintain a healthy weight and be more productive and active in your daily routine. 

    Detox teas are readily available online and many herbal grocery stories and medical stores. They can also be found in some health food stores or from naturopathic doctors who make their own concoctions with natural herbs. These detox teas are an affordable option that is safe and natural and won’t have any side effects or addiction in the long term. 

    The Best Detox Tea 

    As mentioned above, detox teas can be easily available from a number of sources. One of the best detox teas is the Leptinteatox, which is a 100% natural and herbal approach to detoxification. With all natural ingredients and a number of scientists and researchers backing up their products, they are one of the number one dealers of detox teas of 2019. You’ll find everything from a 2 week program to 2 months programs with loose tea and tea bags, as well as morning and night cleansing systems with or without the option of caffeine. 

    Leptinteatox detox teas are great for the body as they help the body’s detoxification process in a number of amazing ways. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy by using these detox teas programs. 

  • Energy Boost 
  • Every morning, wake up with a positive outlook and give yourself a much needed energy boost with the morning cleansing detox tea. They have some quantity of caffeine present in them so they can be easily replaced with the morning coffee, and also eliminate the craving for it throughout the day. You can be more active and productive at your work, be more creative, and still have some left over energy for your family when you come back home! 

    Having a high amount of energy can also motivate you to fit in some sort of physical activity and exercise in your routine, and the alertness of mind allows you to make more healthy choices throughout the day with food, drinks and snacks. 

  • High Metabolic Rate 
  • The natural herbs found in these detox teas are rich in vitamins, minerals and other active components that boosts the metabolic rate of the body. Whatever activity you do in the day, the results can multiply and you can have a greater fat burner, thanks to this increase in the metabolic rate. It greatly helps with weight loss, and helps you maintain a healthy body weight even after you are off the detox program. High metabolic rate helps digestion of food and also helps in the regulation of mood.

  • Improved Digestion 
  • Say goodbye to the problems like constipation, bloating, excessive flatulence and heartburn with the regular use of detox teas by Leptinteatox! They enhance the body’s natural digestive process by increasing metabolic rate and aiding in the process of digestion. It also prevents the absorption of any toxins from the food and regulates the natural bowel movements. 

    These herbs have a diuretic effect as well, and by increasing the frequency of excretion by the bowels and kidneys, it brings about a higher rate of detoxification than we normally have. The noticeable reduction in bloating will make your abdomen appear flatter in a matter of days! It should be remembered however, that this is due to the loss of water weight and not due to fat loss, which will need a well maintained regime of clean eating and exercising along with the detox teas. 

  • Suppression of Appetite 
  • The natural herbs of detox teas release substances and chemicals in the body that have a satiating effect and leaves you feeling full for longer hours. The suppression of appetite leads to portion control and reduction in the amount of junk food you consume on a daily basis. It also lowers down the absorption of fat. 

    Choosing the Right Detox Tea 

    Although there are a great variety of options available in the market, you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by the choices. What kind of detox tea is best for you depends purely on your personal preference and taste. You can enjoy a number of flavors and options to brew the tea at home the way you see fit and feel the most comfortable with. 

    The detox teas are available in both tea bags and loose tea form. If you wish to opt for the loose tea, you should have a strainer at home. Loose leaf detox tea is also of generally a better quality as it is in its purest form and can be present in the tea in high concentration for maximum benefits. The size and quality of herbs determine the potency of both loose tea and detox tea bags. It is also widely noted that loose tea is more flavorful as compared to teabags. 

    Another important thing to consider is whether the detox tea is organic or not. The purest and most potent detox teas are organic. As their main function is the detoxification of the body, it makes sense to go for the organic detox tea as it is natural and free of any additives and artificial flavoring. These organic

    blends are satisfied and have guarantees of being free of all sorts of herbicides and pesticides that can otherwise overwhelm the natural defenses of the body instead of assisting them in detoxification. 

    Caffeine is another important thing to consider when purchasing detox teas. Most detox teas that are all natural and purely herbal do not contain caffeine. But some of the morning cleanse detox teas have a certain amount of caffeine to give you a boost of energy and mental alertness to fight drowsiness and keep you more active throughout the day. If you wish to take your detox tea in the mornings or afternoons, it is preferable to go for the caffeinated options. For evening tea and night cleanses, the non-caffeinated detox tea is ideal. 

    You can select the detox tea with the ingredients that you like. They are all mostly herbal but they all have different flavors, the selection of which is entirely up to you. However, you should note that different ingredients and herbs provide different functions and are not just there for the taste. For instance, peppermint is great for good digestion and bowel health. It regulates natural bowel movements and aid in digestion. Milk thistle works in conjunction with the liver to excrete waste and detoxify the body. Green tea flushes out toxins from the system and greatly help in the reduction of weight by cleansing and purifying the body from within. It is also great for the skin as it is a high source of anti-oxidants. Ginger helps with digestive issues and is also an anti-inflammatory agents. Juniper berries have a natural diuretic effect which can help with UTIs, and dandelion tea is a rich source of plant based vitamins and minerals. 

    Enjoy detox teas in moderation in a number of wonderful flavors of your choice!