With the modern age n era, obesity has become an epidemic. People suffer from life threatening and chronic illnesses due to it, and are unable to manage a healthy lifestyle with the busy and fast paced routine. Weight loss is one of the most common New Year resolutions people make but are unable to follow through long term. In such cases, one must find cost effective and simple ways to incorporate healthy choices in everyday life that can be sustained over time and help them gradually lose weight. 

In many cases, losing weight is not the problem, but maintaining it. We bring you an easy solution to get rid of this problem once and for all. Detox tea is an easy, simple and delicious way to maintain a good health and manage your weight. Detoxification is naturally carried out by our body via lungs, liver, kidneys, blood and lymphatics. Due to the high consumption of processed food and artificial additives and chemicals, this natural process of our body is greatly overwhelmed. Detox tea helps to manage this problem and boost the body’s natural detox and cleansing process while also providing plant based minerals and vitamins. Here’s everything you need to know about detox tea and how you can achieve weight loss and maintain it.

Healthy Choices 

It is important to realize that crash diets and temporary routines can only help you so much. You might lose the desired amount of weight, but you won’t be able to sustain it for long, as you can’t allow yourself to be on crash diets for a long time. As a result, you end up malnourished and gaining more weight back than you had lost. Instead of limiting yourself and cutting off certain foods completely, you should find alternatives to help balance the amount of calories you consume. For instance, instead of having sugar in your tea, you can add honey or stevia. Similarly, instead of fried food, you can go for steamed or grilled options while preserving the delicious flavors. 

One thing about crash diets that no one tells you, is that you hardly ever lose body fat. It’s the loss of water weight and electrolytes that cause a weight drop, and once you are off the diet it all comes back. Therefore, portion control of the things you enjoy eating is far better than going for a shortcut to quickly shed weight temporarily 

Detox Tea and Weight Loss 

The main role of detox tea in weight loss is the simple act of assistance and acceleration of the natural detox process of our body. It boosts the function of certain organs so that the toxins and metabolic waste is effectively eliminated from the system, and it also prevents the reabsorption of fats. If the levels of these toxins go unchecked in our system, they are stored as fats, especially in the lower abdomen, which is very difficult to shed. Here are all the wonderful ways in which detox tea helps to cleanse our body and aid in weight loss.

  • Boosts Liver Function 
  • Liver is one of the major organs in our body that effectively carries out detoxification of food, drinks and medicines. The herbs present in the composition of detox tea helps with liver function by assisting in the breakdown of ‘cortisone’. Cortisone is a stress hormone, and when its level goes unchecked in the body, it can trigger several behavioral patterns like stress eating or excessive sleep. It can also cause unmanageable health problems like inflammation, infections, digestive problems, skin troubles and much more. 

    Detox tea helps in the breakdown of cortisone, and also simulates the production of bile. One thing to note here that taking more than the recommended quantity of detox tea can also cause an over simulation of bile which represents itself as jaundice. When taken in moderation, it assists in the proper digestion of fat and elimination of harmful toxins while keeping your hormonal levels in check.

  • Eliminates Free Radicals 
  • Free radicals are very harmful for the body. They disrupt the integrity of cell membrane and causes a number of health problems. The herbs in detox tea contain plant based potent anti-oxidants that fight against these free radicals and limit their spread in the body. 

    These antioxidants, in addition to other essential vitamins and minerals found in these herbs, also boost the immunity of the body so that we are well equipped to fight viruses and bacteria. Antioxidants are great for the skin, as the reverse the signs of aging and limits the amount of wrinkles and other skin conditions. The healthy and firm skin is also less susceptible to have a breakout or infection.

  • Boosts Metabolism
  • This is one of the most notable mechanism through which detox tea brings about fast weight loss effectively. Some herbs contain chemicals and compounds that increase the metabolic rate of the body. The morning cleanse detox tea also contains a fair amount of caffeine that alerts the brain and causes the body to be more active throughout the day. 

    When your metabolic rate is high, you burn more fats and calories throughout the day. It creates a greater caloric deficit and works in harmony with a healthy lifestyle to help you lose weight in less time. The extra boost of energy also allows you to be more active and productive, so that you can find time for physical activity and workouts.

  • Increases Satiety 
  • The herbs in detox tea releases compounds and chemicals in the body that make the stomach feel full for longer hours. In this way, you can prevent senseless eating and junk foods, as well as munching on unhealthy snacks. It allows you to be more mindful of what you put in your body, and plan a lean and clean diet plan that you can continue for a long time.


  • Improved Digestion 
  • One of the major reasons of mood swing, lethargy, fatigue and constipation is problems with digestion. Most of us don’t realize certain food allergies we might have. Besides, excessive junk and additives in food also cause inflammation and retards the digestive process to a great extent. This prevents the excretion of toxins and waste, which is then stored in our body in the form of fats. It also retards the absorption of beneficial vitamins and minerals in the body which further leads to a number of health problems. 

    Detox tea greatly improves the digestion by promoting regular and normal bowel movements. It eliminates painful conditions like heartburn, constipation, excessive flatulence and bloating by flushing out salt water retention. This bloating is due to the consumption of high sodium food which is very common in unhealthy snacks and quick meal preps. There are many herbs found in detox tea, including fennel seeds, anise, chamomile, lemongrass, ginger and dandelion root, that flushes out toxins and metabolic waste from the digestive track. The diuretic effect of the detox tea cleanses the kidneys and improve their function too. In all these ways, detox teas help keep our body fit and healthy from inside so that it is more receptive to our efforts for weight loss. 


    Weight Loss Regime 

    Planning a good regime is an essential part of quick and effective weight loss. The routine you make for yourself shouldn’t be short or temporary, but something that you can continue for as long as you want without a problem. 

    Your diet is the major part of your weight loss. Instead of limiting yourself to the food you like, practice portion control and find substitutes of high fat and unhealthy ingredients. Meal planning goes a long way. Preparing for the whole week over the weekends save up a lot of time and prevents senseless eating through the week when you don’t have time to make lunch or dinner for yourself. Some sort of physical activity should also be included in this routine. It doesn’t have to be awfully dull or strenuous. The best way to stay active is take up a sport you like, or connect with nature through hikes, cycling and walking or jogging in the park. 

    All of these processes can be enhanced by the addition of detox tea in your routine. They are affordable, easy to make and simple to incorporate in your daily routine without having to go out of your way. Detox tea is available in most health stores, and you can also find it online. One of the leading brands of detox tea is Leptinteatox which offers a number of packages ranging from 2 weeks to 2 months depending on your needs. They also have a morning boost pack with caffeine, or a relaxing nighttime cleanse that you can use solo or in combination. 

    Detox tea is available both as tea bags and in the form of loose tea leaves. They are easy to brew and the potent and delicious herbs work like magic to help you achieve your desired weight in less time. You can simply switch it with the amount of tea or coffee you drink throughout the day. The herbs found in detox tea stimulates and heightens the body’s natural defenses and detoxification process. For this reason, you don’t want to over stimulate your body. It is recommended to have one to the 

    day and continue the regime for a maximum of 2 months. After that, it is advised to give a 3-6 months break so that your body doesn’t get overworked. 

    Detox tea works in a number of ways, and even causes your metabolic rate to stay up when you are fast asleep at night. Your body is fully functional which keeps your spirits high and makes you stay active and alert throughout the say, so that you can make healthy decisions for yourself.

    Side Effects 

    As mentioned above, it is important to not overdo anything. Your body has a natural rhythm and process to carry out detoxification and weight loss. Don’t exert too much pressure to achieve quick results. With the simple act of respecting your body and taking care of its needs, you can achieve fast weight loss without causing yourself any pain or discomfort along the way. Too much of anything is bad for us, even exercising. Detox tea should also be taken within its set limits and not beyond that. If detox tea is taken in access, it can over stimulate the liver to produce more bile which can cause jaundice in the body. 

    Similarly, with the over stimulation of the digestive system, you are susceptible to diarrhea and frequent urination that disrupts your daily activities. The excessive loss of fluids and electrolytes can cause dehydration in the body and all of these factors combined together can leave you feeling sick and hinder your weight loss. Therefore, when it comes to a healthy routine, moderation is key. Make sure that you are taking the recommended monthly gaps between the consumption of detox tea, and following up with a healthy lifestyle with clean eating and more physical activity so that you can keep those extra pounds off for good. 

    Considerations When Buying Detox Tea 

    There are many kinds of detox tea available in the market. The choice of which one suits you best depends on your taste and preference. The ingredients and combination of herbs present in the detox tea will help your body to achieve its goals in less time. Here are some of the things to consider when making your purchase.

  • Tea Bags v/s Loose Tea Leaves 
  • Detox tea is available as both loose tea leaves and tea bags. Loose tea takes more time to brew and you need to have a strainer for it too. This may be a little more time consuming as compared to tea bags, but the concentration and potency of herbs are greatly increased when you brew the tea with loose tea leaves as they are present in their purest form and offers maximum benefits for weight loss and detoxification. They also have a stronger flavor as compared to teabags. The quantity and source of herbs present in both the tea bags and loose tea leaves determine the detox effect, taste and potency of the tea. 

    The best detox tea is made from organic and 100% pure ingredients. This means that the herbs used in the detox tea are completely free of pesticides and chemicals which can otherwise be harmful for the health. As the main purpose of detox tea is to help with the body’s detoxification and cleansing proc

    it is important to buy the one that is organic and free to toxins itself. It should also be free of any artificial flavoring, additives and coloring agents. The taste of natural herbs in their purest form is far superior to any additional artificial flavors.

  • Caffeinated or Decaf 
  • Another thing to consider when buying detox tea is whether it is caffeinated or not. Caffeine helps the mind to stay alert and the body to stay active. It plays a big part in boosting the body’s metabolism so that you can burn off fat at a higher rate. If you wish to have your detox tea in the morning and afternoons, it makes sense to go for the caffeinated option as it gives you the energy boost to keep you going throughout the day. 

    When you have to drink the detox tea in evenings or night, the decaf version is better as the herbs help to soothe your nerves and relax you from within for a restful night of sleep. A good quality of sleep is essential for the body’s health. 

  • Ingredients and Flavors 
  • There are many flavors and ingredients available for the detox tea. The choice of these depend on you. For relaxation and fighting anxiety and restlessness, a blend of lemongrass and chamomile works wonders. It soothes your nerves and calms you from within. Lemongrass is great for weight loss and helps the body maintain its healthy weight. Most herbs work well in conjunction so that you can enjoy a multitude of health benefits in one go. Different herbs have different function and stimulate the body to release healthy chemicals for detoxification and weight loss. 

    Ingredients like peppermint, anise and fennel seeds are excellent for your gut health. They improve digestion and prevents the absorption of fat or toxins. They regulate normal bowel movements and prevents constipation or bloating. Within a few days, you’ll find a noticeable difference in the bulge of your stomach, as the amount of bloating and fluid retention is brought down by these potent herbs. 

    Milt thistle is excellent for liver function. If your liver is under stress, it can help to prevent painful condition like cirrhosis or hepatomegaly. Green tea is another great choice to cleanse and purify the body and limit the amount of toxins and harmful chemicals in the body. It is loaded with antioxidants and improves skin conditions like breakouts, acne marks, blemishes and discoloration of the skin. Similarly, ginger and juniper berries are anti-inflammatory agents, and works as natural diuretics to flush the system of toxins and help in weight loss.