Human bodies have a natural detox system to cleanse out toxins and chemicals as well as metabolic waste products from the food and medicines we take. The functions our lungs, liver, kidney, blood and lymphatics do to detoxify our bodies certainly can’t be replaced, or even matched. The kidney and liver work together to filter out harmful chemicals and toxins that we ingest, and expel them out through urinary system. Our digestive system plays a very important role in the absorption of nutrients and eliminating waste, and the skin plays it parts through sweating out toxins. While this is definitely the best way to clear out toxins, keeping up with today’s fast paced world has led to a higher exposure of toxins and waste, and our body’s natural detox system can most definitely use a boost! Detox Tea is a natural and herbal way to give your body a well-deserved lift of energy and health, and get rid of all toxins in an effective way. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about these wonderful Detox Teas and where to get them.

Why Do We Need Detox Tea?

The technological advancements of the modern world comes with its own side effects, and one of those side effects is the food we eat. Cheap and easily available food items are often genetically modified and have chemicals, additives and food coloring in them that are not recognized by the body as a nutritional component. This can greatly affect our health as these chemicals and toxins can settle in the body as fat, or cause other health issues that often go unnoticed until they begin to manifest their symptoms. 

Being a part of the modern world and keeping up with the economy, it is quite hard to only eat natural and organic products and grains on a daily basis. With the help of a natural herbal tea, you can give your body some well-deserved rest from this continual detoxification, and cleanse your body of the waste and toxins you consume through food. It is a simple, easy and affordable way to keep your health in check and have a healthy and happy lifestyle. With the effective elimination of toxins from your body, you’re mental and physical health improves, and you can have a better quality of life with more energy and drive.

Benefits of Detox Tea 

There are many benefits which you can enjoy by regularly drinking detox tea and making it a part of your daily routine. With the simple act of detoxification, it helps the body in a number of wonderful ways. Here are some of the amazing benefits of detox tea that you can enjoy by drinking the delicious concoction every day. 


This goes without saying, it is the number one benefit of detox teas. Detoxification is extremely important for the body and maintenance of a good health. If the level of toxins in the body go unchecked, they can rage havoc on the immune system and organs. Problems like kidney and liver

dysfunction, hormonal issues, acne and weight gain, and even a few brain disorders can result without detoxification. 

With regular detox, the immune system strengthens and is better equipped to fight and protect the body from a wide range of illnesses. It also limits inflammation, infections, lethargy, depression and anxiety amongst other things. In this way, detoxification helps a great lot to maintain a healthy and well balanced lifestyle. 

Energy Boost 

The detox tea is purely herbal, and made of natural components found in nature. Our body doesn’t get the nutrients and benefits of these herbs through food. Detox tea provides the health benefits of these natural herbs like rosemary, mint, lemongrass, chamomile and other herbs in their strongest and most potent forms and concentrations. This can boost energy and limit the amount of fatigue and lethargy. It also helps the brain think more clearly and be sharp and active. 

With regular use of detox tea, you’ll find yourself free from the worrisome and tiring mood swings, and even common problems like Monday blues and seasonal sadness and depression. Some herbs also help improve the body’s all-round health and mental alertness so that you are much more productive and creative in your work and can have a better quality of life with your family. It not only helps you be active and energized in the mornings, but also when you get back home in the evening! By improving brain function and alertness, it can also reverse or slow down the signs of aging and memory problems that are otherwise inevitable with growing age.

Boosts Digestion 

By aiding our body’s natural ability to remove toxins and waste, detox tea greatly improves the digestive function of the body. Many people have found relief in painful digestive issues like bloating, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, frequent stomach aches and excessive flatulence. It is in fact the toxins that go unchecked in our body that can result in a number of digestive issues. It can block the body’s natural ability to absorb nutrients from the food, and in this way it also deprives the body of proper nourishment. 

It results in accumulation of fat as well as an increase in bloating and water weight. The detoxification process gets rid of all these problems by eliminating these harmful toxins and allowing the digestive system to efficiently do its work by absorbing nutrients from the food to nourish the body. It particularly targets the stomach area and removes excess toxins. 

Weight Loss 

One of the most impressive benefit of detox tea is weight loss. It is the most common reason for people to opt for detox teas as a regular part of their lifestyle, or go for small detox cleanse systems to boost weight loss. Detox teas can help with weight loss by the simple act of detoxification. As mentioned above, toxins are not recognized by the body as a food or nutritional component, and therefore it can

gather up and settle in the body in the form of stubborn fat, especially around the belly and lower abdomen. By helping with the metabolism of the body, detox tea helps in the metabolism of fat as it is also a form of toxin when present in excess. 

There are different detox teas that can help with weight loss and provide the body with active ingredients as well as anti-oxidants. Also, the rise in energy levels help you stay more active throughout the day and make healthier choices, all of which contributes towards weight loss. Detox teas have minerals, vitamins, as well as hydroxycitric acid (HCA), flavonoids and catechins. 

HCA is known to be an appetite suppressant and makes the body feel satiated for longer periods of time. This helps in portion control as well as staying away from junk food and frequent snacking. Besides HCA, the natural and healthy ingredients of detox tea also help to keep the stomach satiated and full for a long time. Detox tea also helps in the reduction of water weight be preventing salt retention and bloating. 

Skin Rejuvenation 

Detox tea is great for the skin. It hydrates the skin and helps it maintain a healthy glow and shine for years to come. It can also help to reverse the effects of aging, and prevent wrinkles and sagging. Detox tea can also help clear up acne and prevent frequent break outs, making your skin look younger and fresh. The anti-oxidants found in detox tea rejuvenate the dead skin cells, and limit inflammation and infections. A boost of detox tea early morning helps the body’s natural ability to fight pollutants and toxins that damage the skin.

Boosting Liver and Kidney Functions 

The body’s natural ability of detoxification can be retarded by processed foods and excessive consumption of junk food with low nutritional value and excessive alcohol. This greatly affects the liver as it can be damaged with overwork and lead to a number of health problems that are not only painful, but very expensive to cure as well. Detox teas help the body’s natural detox process so that the organs are not overwhelmed and can stay healthy and active. It is of course not advisable to not overindulge and keep the dietary habits in check, but even so, detox tea gives your body a much needed boost and help to carry through with life in a healthier and more productive way.

Improved Brain Function 

Brain is the most important organ of the body. Whatever you eat directly affects the performance and alertness of the brain. It needs regular detoxification and cleansing to work in the best possible way so you can be productive and creative, as well as have a good quality of life. While it’s important to check your diet and exercise regularly to promote brain health, detox tea helps your brain to be sharper and prevents brain fog. This is not done through caffeine as other teas and coffees, but through natural and herbal process that is much more warmly welcomed by the body!

How Detox Teas Help With Weight Loss? 

Teas are very widely consumed and can be easily made a part of everyday routine. The special benefits of detox tea for weight loss makes it even more desirable to use on a regular basis. Some of these detox teas have active ingredients that specifically target the body to lose weight. This can be in the form of appetite suppression, releasing satiety hormones, boosting metabolism or increasing the body’s natural ability to burn fat with exercise and a healthy life style.

  • Release of Catechins 
  • Some detox tea plans come with specific dietary instructions to make the most out of the cleansing and detoxification process. They work more as a catalyst to bring about positive changes in your health while you carry on a healthy lifestyle. Detox teas release a chemical known as ‘catechins’ in the body. These chemicals are responsible for high metabolic rate in the body, which makes exercising more beneficial as the body’s response to it is heightened to a great extent. The herbal ingredients in detox teas also have a diuretic effect by focusing on kidney function to excrete out toxic waste from the body at a higher rate. In this way, you can expect weight loss with the regular use of detox teas. There are several detox tea plans that you can opt for depending on the need and the amount of weight you need to lose. 

    One important thing to notice here, is that detox teas come with a specific time period for consumption, and drinking them continually beyond that period may not be good for the health, as the body needs rest from this heightened metabolic response. Whereas green teas that do not have an active ingredient and purely herbal content can be consumed more regularly and made a part of everyday life. 

  • Boost from Caffeine 
  • Detox teas may also contain a high concentration of caffeine. Caffeine helps the body in a number of ways to lose weight and also stay alert and active throughout the day. Caffeine is a potent diuretic and it also encourages healthy bowel movements so you do not suffer from constipation or bloating after eating your meals. Through this mechanism, you can lose water weight quickly, and expect to burn fat with time as well. 

  • Reduction in Bloating
  • Depending on the concentration and balance of ingredients, some detox teas may have a mild laxative effect on the body to accelerate the rate of toxic waste excretion from the system. This also makes the abdomen appear flatter with reduced bloating and make a person look smarter within a few days’ time. 

    One thing to note here is that this reduction in water weight and bloating is not permanent weight loss or fat loss, rather than a temporary effect. In this regards, you should continue to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle to enjoy the long lasting effects of detox tea, and not think of it as a short way of permanent weight loss but rather a boost to help you achieve your goal quickly. 

    Where to Buy the Best Weight Loss Detox Tea? 

    Detox teas are easily available online. You may not be able to find them in a local pharmacy or shops. Leptinteatox is one of the best brands that have the most reliable and trustworthy products to naturally help you lose weight without any side effects. Their detox teas are highly effective and have left many customers utterly satisfied and happy with the results. The main goal at Leptinteatox is to promote a healthy life style in their customers, rather than showing them a quick way to temporarily shed some pounds. 

    All their detox plans and herbal teas come with instructions for eating healthy and maintaining an active life style, so that once you are able to lose weight, you can keep up and maintain your healthy body weight for years to come. This is the best approach for weight loss as it doesn’t promote eating disorders or unrealistic expectations with a few days of cleansing and detox programs. 

    The all natural detox tea by Leptinteatox is made after years of extensive research, and the formula and ingredients are backed up by scientists to provide you a well-rounded and healthy product. These detox teas are not only good for weight loss, but also help to purify your mind and body from within and leave you feeling light and active! You can enjoy these detox teas made with high quality and well researched, potent ingredients to bring natural relief and comfort with healthy detoxification of the body and mind.

    Here are some of the detox packages you can get from Leptinteatox.

  • 28 days Teatox Super Pack  
  • The 28 days Leptinteatox is a 2 step program for effective weight loss and the cleansing and purification of your body. Step 1 of this program focuses on boosting energy and keeping you active so that you can exercise more and maintain a healthy diet. Step 2 boosts a healthy bowel function and focuses on enhancing the body’s natural detox mechanism so that every effort you put towards the betterment of your health is magnified! 

    By opting for this product, you can get a wonderful boost in your metabolism and overall energy, suppression of appetite which leads to reduced consumption of junk food and unhealthy snacks, and a noticeable reduction in abdominal bloating via the diuretic effect and a boost in the digestion process of the body. With this program, you get 2 bags of Morning Boost tea with 28 teabags and 2 bags of the night cleanse tea with 14 tea bags. You can purchase two months’ worth of detox products at a great value!

  • 28 Day Teatox Pack 
  • With this program, you can purchase a one month supply of the 28 days Teatox pack! This has the same impressive 2 step system to bring about the best and give your body a much needed boost. Enjoy the wonderful benefits of appetite suppression, reduction of bloating and a wonderful boost of energy! 

  • 14 Day Teatox Pack
  • The 14 days teatox pack will help you lose weight in a mere 2 weeks with its active ingredients and potent herbal effects. You will find a visible decrease in bloating. The digestion and diuretic effect of the body is also heightened to excrete out toxic waste and leave you feeling lighter and more active so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle even after 2 weeks of detox! 


  • Skinny Tea for Detox Treatment (28 Days)
  • This is a morning boost tea that has special ingredients that focus on energy boost and increased metabolism with a refreshing and tasty cup of tea early in the morning. It gives you energy to carry on with your day while being more active, productive and creative. You will find yourself achieving your health goals in no time with this much needed boost to enhance your natural detoxification. This morning boost detox tea can be consumed instead of coffee with your breakfast every morning. You can enjoy the solo benefits of this morning tea, or couple it with the night cleanse tea for a greater effect. 


  • Leptinteatox To-Go
  • We all have to keep up with this fast paced and continuously changing world. It is not easy to take time for yourself and care about your health the way you’d like to. For all the busy bees out there, the Leptinteatox program to-go helps you keep up while also giving your body some much needed care and detoxification. The BPA free tumblers will hold your tea and keep it hot and tasty for you while you get on with your daily routine. You can use them for both the detox tea bags, as well as loose leaf tea. 

  • Night Cleanse (28 Days)
  • Enjoy a restful night of sleep while this wonderful night cleanse helps your body detoxify all toxins and impurities from your body, so that you wake up with a fresh perspective and the stamina to carry on with everyday tasks with a greater vigor and passion. It is specially formulated to detoxify and cleanse your body and promote a healthy bowel function as well as a diuretic effect. 

    The detox tea will help you stay active for a longer time and help with appetite suppression so you don’t eat senselessly or crave junk food and unhealthy snacks. The 28 day night cleanse pack has 14 teabags that are caffeine free so that it doesn’t disturb your sleep in any way. 

  • Skinny Tea for Detox Treatment (14 Days)
  • This morning boost detox tea has teabags to last for 2 weeks. 14 days may seem like a short time, but you will be surprised and impressed at how quick this detox tea gets the work done! Be ready to enjoy a flatter looking abdomen with no bloating, and a highly efficient digestion. You’ll also feel a lot more active and productive throughout the day, which will help you work out more and eat cleaner. This promotes a healthy lifestyle which can be maintained even after the detox program is over. Use this detox teas as a substitute to your morning coffee. The caffeine present in the teabags will refresh yo

    from inside and keep your mind alert all day long while actively helping in the detoxification process of the body. 

  • Night Cleanse (14 Days)
  • The 14 days night cleanse system will give you the desired effects of detoxification and weight loss in a short time. They are caffeine free so they will not affect your sleep in any way. The best way to reap full benefits of detox teas is to coming the morning and night cleanse so that it can boost your body’s natural ability even further. You will feel the energy flowing through your body with this detox tea! Enjoy a heightened metabolism and energy all day long. 

  • 28 Days Teatox Pack (Loose Tea)
  • If you prefer brewing your own tea, you can go for the loose tea pack. The purely natural and herbal ingredients of the detox tea are highly potent and will give you the desired detox effect that you’ll body will love. It has the same 2 step cleansing mechanism, where step 1 gives you an energy boost with high metabolism and step 2 promotes a healthy digestion and has a diuretic effect to excrete out toxins at a faster pace. You will get a bag of morning boost loose detox tea and a bag of night cleanse detox tea with this program at a great value. 

  • Skinny Tea for Detox Treatment (28 Days Loose Tea)
  • This is a morning cleanse system with a boost from the loose tea leaves that are highly potent and have a slimming and detoxifying effect in the body. They have caffeine so they can be replaced with morning coffee and keep you alert and active for the whole day. This allows you to plan workouts and eat less, as well as avoid unhealthy snacks and junk food. 

    All the Detox tea programs can be purchased at a great value from Leptinteatox online page. As mentioned above, you can enjoy a great amount of benefits by using these cleaning systems. But it is important to note that maintenance of a healthy and active lifestyle is of the absolute paramount importance of you need to reap the real rewards of weight loss and good health. These detox teas can help you kick off with high energy and metabolic rate, so that you can emerge out of a sedentary or busy lifestyle and embrace a healthier approach to lose weight and maintain it for a long time. None of these detox teas can truly help you lose weight if you don’t make changes in your life style to go side by side with the detoxification and cleansing process of these detox plans. It is also advised to not continuously use these detox teas for longer than a month or two, as they can cause dehydration and diarrhea if used for longer than the recommended time.