Weight loss is the number one new year’s resolution in everyone’s list. While there are many ways to lose weight, one must focus on the healthy and safe ones to lose weight quickly and keep it off for good for years to come. It is possible to shed off those extra pounds quickly with a few tips and tricks to accelerate the process, but it is also important to practice patience and persistence when you have to lose a large amount of fat and keep it off for good. While following weight loss methods may push you towards a temporary routine, clean eating and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle for years to come is key in keeping the weight off and staying fit and smart in the long run.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about accelerated weight loss, and the factors that help you speed up the process. Here are some of the basic things you need to know about effective and healthy weight loss.

Mindful Eating 

Obesity is an epidemic of the modern day and age. Even when people tend to maintain an active lifestyle and keep busy with their routine life, they are still prone to weight gain due to a number of reasons. The most prevalent cause of obesity and overweight is the consumption of processed food. 

  • Limiting Processed Food 
  • Processed food contains a number of chemicals and toxins, as well as additives and artificial flavoring that is not recognized by the body as natural food components or nutrients. These toxins disrupt many natural processes of the body. They have a significant effect on the hormone levels in the body. When the body’s natural circadian rhythm and hormonal balance is disrupted, it gives rise to a number of troublesome health problems, the most common of which is weight gain. Processed food is easily available and quite affordable as compared to all natural and organic food and grains. This is the reason of its wide usage and consumption. 

    One of the most important steps in maintaining a healthy body weight and lifestyle is to cut down on these processed foods and being mindful of what we are putting in our body. There are many ways in which you can limit the amount of harmful and genetically modified food products in your diet. Making mindful substitutions and alternatives to switch to healthy and organic ingredients can have a big impact on your health. Although you can’t replace everything of daily use to match the expensive and organic ingredients, a few selective changes can go a long way. Using organic herbs and spices boosts the body’s metabolism and immunity, and also replenishes the plant based vitamins and minerals to help combat diseases and excessive weight. They are also more satiating and filling as compared to chemical laden processed food so you will be consuming less portion as compared to your normal routine. This makes the organic and natural food products more feasible and affordable in the long run.

  • Cutting Back on Starch and Sugar
  • It is also important to cut back on the amount of starch and sugar. There are many sources of low calories and healthy sweeteners, such as stevia, honey, agave syrup and maple syrup. Using these sweeteners instead of processed sugar will greatly improve your healthy and make you feel more active and alert throughout the day. Processed sugar makes the body lethargic and reduces the metabolism to be more sluggish and slow, all of which leads to an unproductive and tiresome day. 

    Starches are the form of carbs that are stored in the body when used in high levels. They also spike up the level of insulin in the body and causes the body to store high amounts of sodium which leads to retention of water and increased water weight and bloating. It also causes the abdomen to get painfully distended, keeping you lethargic and uncomfortable at all times. By cutting down on starch and sugars, you allow your body to get rid of this excessive water weight and be more active and alert while improving kidney function and lowering the amount of insulin regulated by the pancreas.

  • Cutting Down High Sodium Food Products 
  • Cutting down on low sodium food is also essential for weight loss as it prevents the accumulation of excessive water weight. By increasing the amount of healthy potassium rich foods like banana, the body gets rid of excess sodium and flushes out the salt water weight, which has a slimming effect on the abdomen and a notable decrease in the body weight in general. However, it is important to note that a loss in water weight doesn’t mean that you are losing fat from the body. Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle is the key to keeping off water weight and enjoying the health benefits of a healthy and well-rounded diet.

  • Limiting the Amount of Junk Food and Drinks 
  • We all enjoy occasional treats and desserts. In fact, it is an essential part of a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle to include some unhealthy and delicious treats in our routine, to create some unbalance that boosts the body’s natural responses to monitor the cleansing and detoxification process. Limiting the amount of junk food and fizzy drinks is a great part of weight loss. If you consume junk food on a regular basis, a small portion control and cutting down the amount you consume significantly improves the health and helps you lose weight. 

    There are many healthy alternatives to junk food. For instance, you can go for grilled and steamed options as compared to fried food. Starchy potato fries can be replaced with baked sweet potato fries. Full fat ice creams can be replaced with delicious and nutritionally dense frozen yogurt and a healthy serving of fruits. In these ways, we can cut down the amount of chemicals, toxins and fats we put in to our bodies on a regular basis, and enjoy a healthier and active lifestyle while enjoying many health benefits from the natural and organic food products. Cutting down portion size and replacing the food items with healthier and less greasy options are the main steps towards a healthy lifestyle.

  • High Protein Diet 
  • A high protein diet can help you lose weight in less time. This is due to the fact the protein replenishes the muscles in the body, and a higher muscle mass increases the metabolic process of the body to burn fat at a faster rate while also keeping you more active and alert at all times. Healthy and well-nourished muscles accelerate the fat burning process of the body by mobilizing and metabolizing them so that they can be eliminated from the system naturally. 

    Every meal you consume should include a large portion of protein, followed by small portions of healthy fats and low-carb vegetables and other healthy carbs such as whole wheat, barley and brown rice. Constructing your meals to mainly focus on proteins conditions your mind to make healthier choices and always consume it more than carbs and fats. Eating larger portions of protein as compared to other macronutrients also keeps the body full and satiated for longer times, so that you eat less and can maintain a smaller portion size throughout the day. 

    Almost all meats contain a large amount of proteins. These include seafood, beef, pork, lamb, chicken and mutton. Whole eggs with yolks are also a good source of protein. For vegetarians, tofu, lentils, chia seeds, chickpeas, beans and a number of plant based herbs offer a rich source of protein. These should make the bulk of your diet and their quantity should be more than every other component on your plate.

  • Healthy Carbs and Fats 
  • Carbs and fats are not the enemy. It is the unhealthy and processed variety that disrupts the body’s natural balance and causes weight gain and obesity. There are many low carb foods as well as healthy carbs that are loved by the body, as they help replenish the energy stores and the brain needs it to function normally. Some of the healthy, low carb and non-starchy vegetables include cauliflower, tomatoes, kale, cucumbers, broccoli, spinach, cabbage, Swiss chard, lettuce, Brussel sprouts and asparagus. 

    Green leafy vegetables are fairly low in carbs and are loaded with essential plant based nutrients and antioxidants to promote a healthy lifestyle and keep you full for longer hours. They are very low in calories and quite filling and satiating. Some of them make for delicious salads that can be topped with low calorie and healthy dressings to make for a hearty meal alongside a good portion of proteins. These vegetables don’t really require portion control and can be eaten in abundance without a worry, as some of them are even negative calorie food products, which means it takes more calories to consume them than what they have to offer. 

    Similarly, there are a number of sources of healthy fats as well. These are much needed by the body and helps in maintaining a healthy weight and healthy and active brain function. Some of the sources of healthy fats include coconut and olive oil, avocadoes and organic butter and ghee. They should be consumed in less amounts as they are calorie dense and provide a great source of energy to the body. Most dry fruits are also rich in healthy fats and can be consumed in moderation as a part of healthy snacks in between meals.

  • Meal Prep 
  • Build your meal plans and prep for them in advance to promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle for years to come. The main reason why most of us fail to maintain a healthy diet is the busy lifestyle and the demands of the modern age that are hard to keep up with. We all want to grab foods on the go and get on with our day without wasting time. Our diet greatly suffers because of it and there’s little that can be done about it. 

    In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you have to make a few compromises and find time for yourself. Meal planning and lean eating is 70% of your weight loss. It is important to take out some time on the weekends for meal prep so that you can save time throughout the week and grab meals on the go the same way as quick and pre-cooked processed food. Meal prep includes shopping for groceries for the whole week, cutting and dicing and marinating the meat so that it can be quickly steamed or grilled. Making portions of salads and boiling and straining low carb grains such as lentils, beans, quinoa and brown rice can also help in quickly assembling a meal together.

  • Sticking to a Routine
  • Make a budget for monthly groceries and stick to it to stay within a set plan. This process takes patience and perseverance, and it takes a few tries to make it a part of your habit and routine. But once you ease yourself into this routine, you can enjoy the multitude of health benefits and the deliciousness and flavors of home cooked meals for years to come. Organic food offers more earthy and robust flavors that are very palatable, although they do take a little getting used to as compared to the delicious junk and processed food that we are so used to consuming. 

    Also making subtle changes to prepare our meals can greatly contribute towards a healthy lifestyle. For instance, you can get an air fryer instead of deep frying food items. This uses a lot less oil and gives you healthy and delicious meals in a shorter time. Using organic and natural coconut and olive oil is a great switch from vegetable and sunflower oil. They also impart a delicious and unique taste to the meals and make for great and hearty salad dressings. Homemade foods are packed with delicious flavors that you will enjoy and get used to in no time.

    Weight Loss through Active Lifestyle 

    Metabolism plays a key role in the shedding of excessive weight and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. If the metabolism is slow, sluggish or retarded due to any reason, it will contribute towards weight gain and make you feel lethargic and fatigued for the majority of the day. This lowers productivity, and increases the feeling of somnolence and laziness. It disrupts a healthy work routine and can cause a lot of stress and depression in the long run. While mental illness is caused by a number of genetic and environmental factors, weight gain, a poor diet and low metabolism can contribute towards it too. It greatly diminishes the quality of life and doesn’t allow you to enjoy the goodness and happiness around you. Here are a number of ways in which you can naturally boost your metabolism and keep it active for good. 

  • Being Active and Alert 
  • There are a lot of ways in which you can replenish the energy and keep your brain alert and active. It all starts from the choices you make right after you get out of the bed. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. By making healthy and mindful choices for your breakfast, you can rewire your brain to be chipper and active throughout the day. Including a large quantity of protein, along with healthy carbs and fats is a great way to jump start your day. 

    Caffeine is also one of the biggest factors that can boost energy levels and activate the metabolic process of the body. Coffee has a good mount of caffeine, but you can also get it from morning tea, detox teas and other herbal varieties of tea to give yourself a much needed boost of energy and stay active throughout the day. It helps you to make healthier and mindful choices in your diet throughout the day while keeping you productive and creative at work. It also helps you have some energy and vigor left in you when you come back home to your family in the evening, to spend some quality time with them before you retire to bed. 

    An active and alert mind also allows you to make time for some sort of physical activity or exercising in your daily routine. In short, a good breakfast and a healthy start to your morning impacts the rest of your day in a major way.


  • Exercise and Sports 
  • Physical activity is very important to replenish the muscles and regulate a healthy metabolic rate in the body while boosting immunity and keeping the body strong and capable. Exercising has a lot of health benefits. According to a study, introducing some sort of physical activity for as little as 15 minutes for 3-4 days a week can increase your life expectancy by 15 years! This holds true for those who have a sedentary and inactive lifestyle, mainly due to a desk job that doesn’t allow you to be more active and move around. But worry not, there are many ways to incorporate some sort of physical activity even during long hours of a boring desk job. There are a number of leg exercises that you can do while sitting on the desk, as well as core building moves. 

    The best way to boost your metabolism and keep your energy levels up is to go for a morning walk or run right after you wake up. You don’t necessarily have to move around stuff and change your routine in a major way to do so. Waking up half an hour early can do the trick while also giving you more energy and letting you enjoy a more deep and restful night of sleep. Your body will love the added boost of endorphins that lifts up your mood and sets things into perspective. 

    If you don’t enjoy exercising or jogging, you can take up a sports that you enjoy. Most outdoor sports demand a high level of physical effort, which enables you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and increased metabolism. Sports are thoroughly enjoyable and engaging. You can also enroll in a swimming class, or perhaps learn a new skill such as horse-riding or archery. All of these sports help you maintain an active lifestyle and keep your metabolic rate up so that you can burn calories and fats at a higher rate.

    Staying Hydrated

    This is perhaps the simplest and most effective way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Hydration is very important for the body and plays a key role in the process of detoxification and cleansing of the body. Drinking a lot of water won’t cost you a lot, and your body will quickly adapt to it so that you don’t have to take those frequent bathroom breaks. Keeping your body hydrated boosts metabolism, flushes out toxins and helps the body get rid of excessive water weight, and prevents the retention of salt in the body due to high sodium diet. It is excellent for the skin and it maintains a normal function of all the organs in the body. A hydrated skin can effectively combat the signs of aging and stay taut and clear for years to come. 

    Water also replenishes the muscles and prevents atrophy and sagging. It is one of the most important and easy to maintain factors in weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Stress Reduction 
  • Stress is the main factor for slow metabolism and disruption in the hormonal levels. Although keeping up with the fast paced world and the sacrifices it demands can add to this stress greatly, there are many ways to manage it. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with clean eating and exercising can greatly improve the stress levels and relieve the body from the pressures and consequences of it. 

    Making time for a hobby or polishing a skill you have can also help to manage the amount of stress. Take out time to enjoy a good book or re-watch a movie you love with a close group of friends. All of these contribute to a healthy lifestyle and greatly helps in getting rid of an unhealthy and lethargic routine. 

    Weight Loss and Detox Tea 

    Detox Tea are gaining a lot of popularity and fame due to their ability to help with weight loss. They can be easily incorporated into a busy routine and don’t require a lot of your time or effort. They are very easy to brew and make for a delicious cup of tea that can be enjoyed early in the morning or with every day meals. 

    Detox teas are made from all-natural and organic herbs and spices. These plant based herbs are very potent and help in the maintenance of a healthy body weight while allowing the body’s natural detoxification process to do the work of cleansing and weight loss. 

    Here are some of the wonderful and simple ways in which detox teas helps the body to lose excess amount of weight. 

  • Detoxification and Cleansing 
  • The main function of detox tea is to cleanse and purify the body from within. As mentioned above, it is hard to eliminate processed food from the diet completely. These processed foods contain a large amount of toxins, chemicals and artificial flavors and additives. These are stored in the body as a form of fat that is very dangerous and harmful for the organs and can hinder in their performance. It also disrupts the natural balance in the body and causes a subtle shift in the hormonal balance, giving rise to

    a number of health problems and obesity. Detox teas keep these levels of toxins in check, so that they are effectively eliminated by the body on a regular basis. 

    This detoxification is brought about naturally by boosting the body’s natural detox system. This includes the lung, kidneys, liver, blood and lymphatics. All of these work in combination to keep the body cleansed and well nourished. Detox teas boost the functions of these organs in a number of ways to bring about effective cleansing of the body that helps in the oxidation and metabolism of fat and its elimination from the body.


    • Boosting Metabolism

    One of the major ways in which detox teas help in weight loss is by boosting the body’s metabolic rate. With a high metabolic rate, the body can burn a higher amount of calories and consume more fat as energy. A high metabolic rate allows you to stay active for longer hours and be more productive throughout the day. High metabolic rate keeps the body healthy and prevents accumulation of fat and toxins in the body. 

    It also keeps the mind alert and active so that you can make healthier choices throughout the day. The high amount of energy also allows you to fit in some sort of exercises or physical activity in your daily routine so that it’s easier to lose weight at a high rate. The potent herbs found in the composition of most herbal detox teas can help you feel full and satiated for a long time. This prevents mindless eating and craving for unhealthy snacks. 


  • Boosts Liver and Kidney Functions 
  • Detox teas help to boost the natural function of livers and kidneys. When liver is overwhelmed by high amounts of toxins, it can damage the organ and cause cirrhosis or liver failure. With a much needed assistance from detox tea, liver can perform its function well and detoxify the harmful food chemicals in the body. It also promotes the healthy production of bile and breakdown of fats in the liver. 

    Detox teas also have a natural diuretic effect on the kidney to flush out toxins and prevent salt water retention due to excessive consumption of high sodium food. This diuretic effect in combination of healthy liver function greatly cleanses the body of toxins. 

    One thing to note here is that detox tea should not be taken more than the recommended daily dosage, as it can cause hyperactivity of the liver and kidney. The increased diuretic effect can cause dehydration and frequent urination, while the high liver activity can cause a high rate of bile production that leads to jaundice. Therefore, it is important to have some moderation when using detox tea and not using it beyond a couple months and giving gaps in between each cycle. 

  • Aids in Digestion 
  • A healthy and well-regulated digestion is key to a healthy body weight and essential detoxification. If the digestion is sluggish and ineffective, it causes fatigue, lethargy and a number of mood fluctuations. It

    keeps you from being productive and energetic. Digestive issues lead to painful distention of the abdomen and stomach, excessive flatulence, heartburn and constipation which keeps a person down and out for most of the day. It also prevents the absorption of essential nutrients needed by the body, and the healthy gut bacteria are also lowered in the body. 

    Detox tea aids in healthy and regular bowel movements. It cleanses the abdomen and helps in the excretion of toxins that retard and slow down the digestive process. It helps in the breakdown of fat and maintains healthy digestion all day long. By drinking detox tea for a few days, you will find a notable difference in the flatness of the abdomen. This is due to reduction in bloating by flushing out salt water retention and decreasing the water weight. It prevents constipation and slims down the stomach and abdomen. In this case too, detox tea should not be overused as it can cause diarrhea and contribute towards dehydration and weakness due to lose of electrolytes from the body.

  • Antioxidants 
  • Detox tea is made from natural herbs that are loaded with antioxidants that help the body get rid of free radicals and oxidative stress. This clears up toxins and further aids in the increase in metabolism and energy levels in the body. Antioxidants are great for the healthy performance of the organs and also boosts the glow and shine of the skin, while reversing the signs of aging and oxidative stress. 

    By keeping a healthy routine with clean eating, exercising and consuming the recommended amounts of detox tea, it is possible to lose weight quick and fast, and maintaining a healthy body weight for years to come.