Detox teas are very famous and widely used all over the world. The most important quality that any detox tea should have upon purchase, is the potency and purity of its ingredients. This ensures that you are getting the best results out of your detox tea cleanse. It is important for the success of detox tea cleanse, that the brand from which you are purchasing your tea is reliable and uses organic ingredients. The awareness about fresh and organic produce is rapidly increasing, as the damages and health issues due to highly processed food and junk are on the rise in the population of USA. This is due to the modernization and fast paced life that demands high input from people. With less time for meal preps, these processed food seem to be a quick and cheap option to fix up a hearty meal. They have low nutritional value and high levels of toxins and chemicals. This overwhelms the system and retards the detox and cleansing process of the body. You will find seasonal vegetables and fruits available throughout the year, thanks to the processing and genetic modification. This is very dangerous for our body as it disrupts the natural balance and performance of organs. 

This is where detox teas come into play. It is very easy and economical to incorporate a few cups of tea in your daily routine. These detox teas when used in their organic and most potent form, gives you the energy and boost to carry on with your day in a healthier way. The best brand of detox tea also have some amount of caffeine in their product, so that it’s great for a morning cleanse and boost, and people who are addicted to caffeine can easily replace their morning coffee with detox teas. 

We talk about the best brand because it is very easy for these detox teas to be contaminated and highly processed too. This can lower their rates in the market and make them an attractive option to purchase. But the amount of toxins and chemicals in the tea can actually be more dangerous than beneficial for the health. In order to stay energized, healthy and alert, choose the detox tea brand that is authentic and provides organic detox tea products. Organic detox teas are great for the mind and the body. It is not hard to find such detox teas. Leptinteatox is the leading brand for detox teas and provides the best products, which have promising results. Here is everything you need to know about the leptinteatox detox teas and their effects on the body.

What is an Organic Detox Tea?

Organic detox teas are essentially a purely herbal concoction that can have some amount of active ingredients and spices added to them, such as caffeine and natural flavors. They are available in the market in a number of forms. Tea bags are the most commonly used form of detox teas, and Leptinteatox offers cleansing programs from 2 weeks to 2 months that are in the form of tea bags. This is closely followed by loose tea leaves, which hold more flavors but are harder and more time consuming to brew. You will need a strainer to filter out the used tea leaves and discard them, while sipping on delicious and healthy detox tea. Leptinteatox cleanse programs are available for both tea bags and loose tea leaves. There are morning and evening cleanses available that can be used separately or in combination depending on your needs. A combination of both gives a quicker result. 

These detox teas are completely free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which can be very harmful for the body. The all natural approach is the reason behind the success of these products. The natural manure and care that is put into the harvesting and manufacturing of these organic detox teas promote good health and has an array of impressive health benefits when taken regularly. You can reap the many benefits of nature’s pure blessings without having to compromise on the quality, or any harmful effects of chemical processing and toxins. Natural nutrients and products are great for the body, mind and soul. 

The whole process of tea cultivation and harvest can surely be tiresome, but that doesn’t stop Leptinteatox from serving you the best and healthiest products. The high quality organic tea by this brand has maximum health benefits and can be used frequently without worrying about side effects. 

The detox teas originated from China, Japan and Taiwan. Most of them are still harvested and imported from these countries. In fact, detox teas take their root from ancient Chinese traditions, where these tea leaves were used for their medicinal and healing properties. They have been cultivated and brewed for over thousands of years in their organic and purest form with maximum potency and health benefits. These detox teas have superior taste than any other product in the market. Their aroma is refreshing, and they have a deeper color as well when compared to regular tea or coffee. 

These intense and improved flavors are easy to get used to. The delicious cup of tea will give you a much needed boost of energy by increasing the metabolic rate, and you will feel lighter and more active with just a few days of use. The detox teas are made of organic plant based herbs that are loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that your body will love. These herbs provide active substances to the body, such as polyphenols and catechins that are excellent for the health. The plants from which these tea leaves are harvested can live for as long as centuries! If you truly are a tea lover, you will notice these subtle but very prominent difference in Leptinteatox organic detox teas and other detox teas available in the market. Once you get used to the high quality flavor of this organic detox tea, there’s no going back from it. 

Benefits of Detox Teas 

There are many benefits of consuming purely herbal and organic detox teas by Leptinteatox. They might be a little towards the pricier end as compared to regular teas, but they are a great investment and excellent for your health. They will also save up those hospital bills and prove to be a smart choice for the long run. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Leptinteatox detox teas. 

  • Free of Nutrient Pollution of Fertilizers 
  • When it comes to conventional agricultural process, there is a very high quantity of fertilizer used for the tea leaves. These fertilizers are loaded with nutrient pollution that give rise to harmful tea leaves that are very dangerous for the health and for our environment. Synthetic fertilizers alter the potency, taste and integrity of tea leaves. They are loaded with toxins, chemicals and metabolic waste that are harmful for the body. They are also very bad for the environment. 

    When these synthetic fertilizers are used regularly for tea leaves, they cause an acidic effect on the soul. This leads to the nitrogen runoff in our environment. This is not only bad for the health, but also effects the ecosystem involving streams, river and bay downstream. They even effect the air we breathe! Synthetic fertilizers also greatly affect the fishing industry, so that seafood is also full of toxins and chemicals that are harmful for consumption. On the other hand, when organic fertilizers are used, they greatly help in limiting these problems. They have minimal to no effect on the environment, and produce healthy and organic tea leaves that are full of plant based vitamins and minerals, and are very potent and good for the human body. 

  • Free of Pesticides and Chemicals
  • Organic detox tea by leptinteatox is completely free of the harmful pesticides and chemicals. These pesticides and chemicals are often used to keep the pests away, and provide a fake freshness and taste to the tea leaves. The careless and excessive use of these chemicals can lead to highly toxic and dangerous products that are detrimental to health and give rise to a number of health problems. They are harmful for the health in a number of ways. When the teas we drink that are loaded with pesticides and chemicals enter our body, these components are not identified by the body as food components. As they are not recognized as nutrients, they are then stored in the body in the form of harmful and dangerous visceral fat that pressurizes and damages the organs. It also retards the body’ natural detoxification process, and suppress the metabolic rate. By disrupting the natural harmony of the human body, they also mess up the hormone levels that give rise to further health issues. 

    Potent and organic detox teas, including green tea, have some anti-cancer properties by targeting the harmful cancer cells and free radicals in the body. But when these tea leaves are treated with chemicals and pesticides, the toxins they carry can in fact cause this deadly disease instead of preventing it. The only way to protect yourself and promote a good and healthy body, is to switch to organic tea with a reliable and well-known brand. 

  • Flavor and Potency 
  • The all natural and herbal detox teas by Leptinteatox have a great and intense earthy flavor, and the tea leaves are highly potent. Tea leaves are most flavorful in their natural form, when they are free of all toxins and chemicals. The strong color and taste is much more enjoyable and healthy for the body. These organic tea leaves also contain all the plant based vitamins and minerals, as well as a surge of antioxidants that are very well received by the body. These organic detox teas also lift up the mood and promote good mental health. They keep you active and alert so that you can be more creative and productive throughout the day. 

  • Weight Loss 
  • The most impressive and desirable effect of these detox teas is weight loss. This is the reason why they are trending so much and endorsed by notable public figures. Switching to detox teas can make all the difference, when coupled with a healthy lifestyle with clean eating habits and some sort of physical activity in the routine. 

    The short detox cleanse that you get in your routine can greatly help you in jump starting your metabolism. This gives you an extra surge of energy that keeps you active and healthy even after you are done with the cleanse program. There are many ways through which these detox teas help with weight loss in the body. 

    The most important process of weight loss is the detoxification effect of these teas, through which they get rid of all the excess toxins, chemicals and metabolic waste in the body. They organs and skin are finally able to catch a break and breathe, as the detox teas relieve the fatigue and overworked caused by excessive toxins and sorted fat on the organs. If these toxins are not addressed and eliminated, they can be stored in the form of harmful fat that causes an excessive and constant pressure on vital organs, retarding their function and giving rise to many health issues. 

    Detox teas also help in the mobilization and metabolism of stored fat, especially the stubborn fat stored around the belly and lower abdomen. This fat is hard to shed, and requires a lot of patience and persistence. But with regular use of detox tea cleanse programs and a healthy lifestyle, it is possible to permanently get rid of this stubborn fat, and to expel it out of your body along with the toxins and chemicals. 

    The plant based herbs used in the production of these organic detox teas are loaded with many active ingredients that specifically target fat cells in the body and accelerate the weight loss process. These herbs also contain a very high level of antioxidants. These antioxidants target the unchecked free radicals in the body that are harmful for the cell. These plant based components prevent cell membranes from absorbing toxins, and also relieve the oxidative stress caused on the cells due to high amount of free radicals. They are also great for the skin, as they rejuvenate it and eliminate free radicals. The active compounds fill the mind with positive energy so that you are able to make healthier eating choices, practice portion control and get rid of mindless snacking throughout the day. The detox tea also has a satiety effect on the body so that you can feel full for a long time and not indulge in a large portion of food or unhealthy junk snacks and fizzy drinks. 

    Another important component found in organic detox teas that help with weight loss is Hydroxycitric acid (HCA). This, along with flavonoid and catechism have great effects on the body. They boost the body’s natural metabolic process and relieves stress and fatigue from the organs. HCA is a very potent appetite suppressant. One cup of delicious detox tea before food, and you will naturally be eating less and making healthier food choices. The natural and organic ingredients are very healthy and also have a diuretic effect on the body. This significantly lowers the amount of bloating in the abdomen, and relieve painful conditions such as distention, heartburn, constipation and excessive flatulence. The detox tea leaves flush out excessive salt water retention in the body that eliminates toxins and metabolic waste along with it too. In fact, you will feel a noticeable flatness in the abdomen just with a few days of drinking detox tea.

    It’s important to note that this flatness ND loss in weight is due to the drop in water weight which is not permanent. It is very easy to gain back this weight once you are over the cleanse program. Fat loss is a slower process that requires more patience. Also, by continuing a healthy routine and exercises, you can even keep the water weight off permanently. 

  • Aids in Digestion 
  • Organic detox tea is great for the gut health. All natural and potent herbs such as parsley, anise, fennel seeds, dandelion root, chamomile, ginger and peppermint are good for the gut health, as they promote healthy digestion and eliminate excessive toxins and waste from the system. They are great for colon cleansing as well, as the colon is capable of holding large amounts of toxins and sludge at a single time. If the colon cleansing is not don’t form time to time, the amount of toxins and metabolic waste can cause severe inflammation and a number of health issues. 

    Regular use of detox tea can relieve these painful digestive conditions, such as colon inflammation, constipation, and bloating, painful distention of the abdomen, heartburn and excessive flatulence. It regulates normal and regular bowel movements. The potent herbs also promote reabsorption of essential nutrients back into the body via digestive track. It alleviates the digestive track from inflammation and swellings, and prevents malnourishment. It also prevents the absorption of fat from the food, so that it is eliminated along with waste from the body. 

  • High Metabolism 
  • High metabolism resales a lot of energy that can be used to stay more active and alert throughout the day. This high amount of energy also helps you incorporate some sort of physical activity in your daily routine. Herbs like lemongrass, chamomile, mint and rosemary are great for high metabolism and brain health. They keep you alert and productive all day long. The morning cleanse tea leaves of Leptinteatox also have some amount of caffeine present in their composition. This caffeine is excellent for a much needed energy boost and keeping the mind alert and active throughout the day. It also keeps the body’ natural metabolic rate high so that you burn more calories and helps with weight loss. It fights fatigue, laziness, lethargy and prevent mood swings and even depression to some extent. It helps you think clearly and makes the mind sharp. 

    When you consume this organic detox tea on a regular basis, you will notice a considerable difference in your energy levels. It will also improve the mental health and make you better equipped in dealing with conditions like mood swings anxiety and those dull Monday blues. 

  • Cleansing and Purification 
  • Detoxification is the most important and biggest function of detox teas. Without an effective and healthy detox process, the body can undergo many health issues, the most leading problem being weight gain. In addition to this, you can also suffer from acne and frequent breakouts, hormonal issues, swelling and inflammation in the body, delayed healing, and even mental issues and mood swings. 

    The detoxification with detox teas is due to the potent and all natural herbs that are free of side effects and loaded with plant based active compounds. They boost the body’s immunity and provides an excellent defense mechanism against harmful diseases and infections. They boost the function of liver, lungs, kidneys, blood and lymphatics, so that your body is well guarded and strong. 

    Organic Certification 

    Before purchasing detox tea, make sure that the brand you are using has organic certification. This helps eliminate health problems, as brands that do not have organic certification most likely make use of synthetic fertilizers, GMO, processed tea leaves, as well as herbicides and pesticides in the production and harvest of the tea leaves. 

    The tea leaves should be completely free of additives, artificial flavoring and toxins to have the desired healthy effects on the body. They are chemical free and pure. Leptinteatox ensures high quality and all natural products that re god for the health. Their detox teas come with specific instruction sand a strict regimen that needs to be followed in order to achieve the best results without having any adverse effects on the body. It should be noted that he consumption of detox tea should not exceed the recommended daily dose. Moderation is key when it comes to enjoying the heath benefits of these detox teas. When taken in excess, they can cause dehydration and diarrhea.