Detox teas and herbal teas make the bulk of weight loss teas. They are quite popular, and you’ll find many reliable brands selling detox tea packages that are guaranteed to work. But it leaves one wondering if they really do aid in weight loss, and if those weight loss effects are permanent or just for the duration of the cleanse? For these and many other burning questions, we bring you this article about real information on detox teas and how they help with weight loss. It’s important to understand the composition and production of detox teas to know about their effects and benefits in a better way. Here’s everything you need to know about weight loss teas. 

What is Weight Loss Tea? 

Weight loss or detox teas are essentially a combination of various plant based herbs and spices that synergize each other’s effects to impart several health benefits, including weight loss. The variation and different concentrations of these herbs depend on the brand that you purchase the tea from, and it also determines their purity and potency. Basically all plant based herbs help with weight loss in one way or the other, given that they are organic and all-natural with minimum processing and no added toxins and chemicals to enhance the flavor of the tea. 

The weight loss tea is used as a short term cleanse to aid in effective weight loss via an increase in metabolism and suppression of appetite. They also have a diuretic and laxative effect, the main purpose of which is to flush off toxins from the body and bring down the water weight initially, and later with increased metabolism and fat mobilization, loss of body fat. 

These weight loss or detox teas also claim to bring about a significant rise in energy levels, so that you are active and alert throughout the day and make healthier choices. In order to get the full benefit of the weight loss abilities of these detox teas, it is recommended to follow a certain diet plan and maintain a regular exercise routine. These detox teas shouldn’t be taken in excess, as their effects can cause diarrhea and dehydration, as well as jaundice and other health problems due to hyperactivity of the detox organs. Moderation is key to enjoy the benefits of weight loss teas while maintaining a healthy mental and physical wellbeing. If you are looking for a short 2 weeks to 2 months long plan, it’s feasible to purchase weight loss teas, as they are often quite expensive. 

Effects of Weight Loss Tea on the Body 

There are various effects on the body depending on the mixture of herbs used in the production of weight loss tea. Here are some of the most common effects that are pretty much the same with every concoction of herbs and spices. 

  • Laxative Effect 
  • Laxative effect is not exactly something to be desired. It essentially works on the principle of weight loss through a reduction in water weight, which might work for a quick fix and to enjoy a temporary flatness of abdomen, but in the long run, it is not good for the health. The laxative compound most commonly used in weight loss teas is ‘senna’. It causes a hypermobility of the digestive tract, causing cramps, diarrhea and sometimes pain as well. 

    When used continuously or in excess, this effect can even lead to dehydration and a dangerous drop in the level of electrolytes, which will leave you feeling weak and dizzy. Besides senna, some weight loss teas also contain fiber supplement known as psyllium husk which has a similar effect on the digestive tract. 

    On the other hand, going for plant based herbs that have a natural effect on an improved digestion and regular bowel movement is much more desirable and healthy. The herbs that help prevent constipation and relieve bloating and excessive flatulence include ginger, peppermint, anise, cloves and lemongrass amongst other things. 

  • Diuretic Effect
  • In moderation or through natural means, diuretic effect is good for the body. It causes frequent urination which helps the kidneys in detoxification of toxins and flushing our harmful chemicals as well as metabolic waste. But with an excessive diuretic effect, the same problem of dehydration arises with a loss of electrolytes from the body. 

    There are naturally occurring herbs that have a diuretic effect on the body, these include dandelion root, juniper, caffeine, nettle, hibiscus, parsley and hawthorn. They flush out the salt water retention in the body that can occur by the consumption of high sodium foods. It is useful for those who have frequently bloated abdomen due to excess fluid retention. However, it can’t be recommended for long term weight loss as it doesn’t cause metabolism and loss of fat, and only work by targeting the body’s water weight. 

    One important thing to note here, is that it’s better to go for all natural and organic herbal teas for weight loss, rather than short term solutions with teas that contain laxative and diuretic components other than natural herbs. They may cause a drop in weight but it’s very easily gained back once you are off the cleanse program as only the water weight is gone. 

  • Boost in Metabolism 
  • We have talked about some undesirable effects that weight loss tea may have due to the addition of harmful laxatives and diuretics. But some weight loss teas do not contain these compounds, and are composed of pure and potent herbs that can boost the natural metabolic and detox process of the body to bring about weight loss in a healthy and sustainable way. 

    Garcinia cambogia is one of these compounds found in plant based herbs. It doesn’t have a very strong effect on weight loss, but is good for overall health. Although it does have a short term effect to promote weight loss via a decrease in water weight, this can’t be sustained as the fats are not metabolized. 

    Another ingredient is ginseng, but like garcinia cambogia, it also doesn’t have a strong evidence for long term weight loss. However, when we talk about caffeine, some positive researches do support its beneficial effects leading to weight loss. This is due to the appetite suppressant effect of the compound which prevents mindless eating and frequent snacking throughout the day. It also increases the metabolic rate of the body, which allows you to stay more alert and active throughout the day and make healthy choices. It burns energy through high metabolism and allows you to incorporate some sort of physical activity and exercising in your daily routine. Although these are all desirable effects of caffeine, our body can quickly get used to it and build up a tolerance that lowers these effects and make it feel more like a craving. 

    The effects of caffeine are short lived if made a regular part of the routine. However, they do still help you stay active and alert, so you can be more productive at work. It can also help with weight maintenance and keeping up with a healthy routine post weight loss. Guarana has a very high level of caffeine and can help with weight loss, and so does yerba mate. They can help with fat burning at an accelerated rate as well as cause a suppression in appetite. 

    Teas That Help with Weight Loss 

    As we discussed above, weight loss teas can be present in various combination of herbs and other active ingredients. They can be detox teas or other varieties of herbal teas. Here are some of the teas that have some solid evidence to help with weight loss and promote a healthy lifestyle, without causing health risks due to laxative or diuretic effects. 

  • Green Tea 
  • Green tea has a potent mixture of plant based herbs that are known to aid in weight loss via the action of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants found in its tea leaves. It increase the body’s fat burning ability to some extent. The active compounds of green tea include catechins and caffeine, both of which bring down the amount of free radicals in the body and aid in weight loss by spiking up metabolism. 

  • Black Tea 
  • Black tea has many health benefits similar to green tea, with a slightly different method of processing. They have EGCG which work alongside caffeine to help boost the body’ natural metabolic process and aid in weight loss. 

  • Matcha Tea 
  • Matcha tea is made from powdered matcha, and is even more potent than green tea. It has the same benefits with plant based compounds like catechins and polyphenols. They mainly work as appetite suppressants and increase the feeling of satiety in the body. 

  • Detox Teas 
  • Detox teas are widely available in the market and are heavily commercialized on social media. They boost the natural function of our detox organs, including kidneys, liver, immune system, lymphatics, blood and lungs. These organs can get overwhelmed by high amount of toxins and chemicals found in processed foods. Although they do have desirable effects, they are all also mostly short term. 

    In fact, most detox and cleansing programs are limited to a few weeks between each use. This is due to their effects of dehydrating the body and causing a drop in water weight, which is not a sustainable method of weight loss. However, if you are badly stuck in your weight loss journey, going for a detox program and consuming detox teas can give you a kick start and also help you get rid of bloating and painfully distended abdomen. 

    Following a Regime 

    The healthiest way of losing weight through weight loss and detox teas, is to stick to a regime that’s accompanied by healthy diet and regular exercising. There are morning and evening cleanse programs, as well as after meal teas that should be taken in their recommended daily doses to avoid any undesirable effect on digestion and overall health. 

    In order to maintain the weight loss achieved through these teas, it is important to make consistent lifestyle changes that are easy to keep up in the long run. These include making healthier choices, learning the art of substitution, and practicing portion control. Also, physical activity and keeping the energy levels up can greatly help with weight loss and maintaining healthy body weight. Purely organic and all natural herbal teas are the best type of tea for weight loss and to make a regular part of your life. They offer the benefits of plant based herbs that have vitamins and minerals which our body can’t naturally produce on its own. 

    Side Effects of Weight Loss Tea 

    As discussed above, the weight loss teas that contain laxative and diuretic compounds can be very dangerous for the health, especially if they are taken in excess. They can result in diarrhea and frequent urination, which causes dehydration and a drop in the essential electrolytes in the body which causes weakness and dizziness. 

    These teas also effect the function of liver and boost its activity. While it’s good in moderation, a high dosage can cause hyperactivity and an increased production of bile, which presents in the body as jaundice. Long term use of weight loss teas can leave you feeling pale and weak rather than slim and smart. In order to have a healthy lifestyle, clean eating, exercising and a moderation of these products is the most highly recommended way to lose weight. 


    Teas are healthy drinks as compared to sodas and other fizzy and sugary drinks. Given that the tea is made from organic tea leaves and doesn’t contain sugar or any artificial flavors, it is healthy to make them a part of your daily routine, and also expect some degree of weight loss. Even if they don’t directly help with fat burning, they can affect the metabolism and also keep the water weight off so that you are not bloated or uncomfortable. 

    They also regulate healthy and routine bowel movements and promote a healthy gut health. Your body gets a regular dose of antioxidants which promotes healthy skin and relieves the body of toxins and free radicals.