Teas are natural and safe way to have a healthy and well balanced life style, and to accelerate your weight loss journey significantly. When we talk about body weight, the most stubborn form of fat is stored around the belly and abdomen. This fat is hard to get rid of, even with an active lifestyle. Herbal tea can help you with fat loss around abdomen, and also give you the energy to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It regulates a healthy body weight, as it is made from potent and all natural herbs that are loaded with plant based vitamins, minerals and other active ingredients that are excellent for the health. The human body can’t naturally produce these vitamins and minerals, and making herbal teas a regular part of your routine can help nourish your body with these key elements that boost metabolism and keep you healthy. 

There are many great benefits of these plant based herbs and spices found in herbal teas. They are also known as green tea or detox tea because of the effects they have on your body. Detox teas help in cleansing and purification of the body by boosting the body’s natural detoxification process. Enjoy the natural effects of herbal teas to boost your metabolism and cleanse your body from within. Here are some of the best teas that will help you lose weight and feel lighter and happier! 

Green Tea 

In the world of teas, green tea enjoys a very notable position. It is one of the top herbal teas that is widely used for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Besides weight loss, the potent and all natural ingredients of green tea make for a delicious and refreshing drink, and also have a wide range of health benefits. These can be found in a variety of flavors to tend to every individual palate, and experiment with the flavors to find your favorite one. 

Green tea takes its origin from Asia, where the green tea leaves were used for their enriched minerals as medicine. The best part about incorporating green tea in your daily routine, is the fact that it is completely side effects free and won’t cause any health issues in the long run. It is filled with plant based minerals, vitamins and a large quantity of antioxidants. The anti-oxidants are excellent for health and weight loss. They eliminate the harmful free radicals from the body, and promote a healthy skin and hair growth. They are also potent against a variety of diseases and infections, and limits the aging process of the body. Other plant based components found in green tea include catechine and polyphenols that increase the basal metabolic rate of the body and promote weight loss.

These active components also cause a positive impact on the hormonal levels of the body. They increase the satiety hormones and suppress the hormones that cause you to feel hungry. In this way you can make more sensible eating choices throughout the day, and avoid mindless snacking and fizzy drinks. 

The most important effect of green tea on the body that aids in weight loss is the acceleration of metabolism in a number of ways. An active metabolism keeps you on your feet and active all day long, and to meet the continuous needs of a high metabolism, the body burns more fats throughout the day! It also promotes fat oxidation so that you can finally say goodbye to that stubborn beer belly. The detoxification process also greatly helps with weight loss. The natural weight loss organs of the body are liver, lungs, kidneys, blood and lymphatics. By eating a lot of processed food and junk, these organs can get overwhelmed. Green tea gives your body’s natural detoxification process a much needed boost to perform its function well and eliminate toxins and metabolic waste from the body which can otherwise store in the body as harmful fat. 

Green tea reduces water weight as well which can accumulate due to a high concentration of sodium found in junk food. It reduces painful and uncomfortable distention and bloating of the stomach, giving an instant slimming effect. It also limits excessive flatulence, heartburn and digestive issues by aiding the healthy digestion of the body. Although green tea helps reduce water weight fairly quick, it should be remembered that it is not permanent, and fat loss happens much later. Antioxidants found in green tea are great for immunity and cardiovascular health, keeping you strong and healthy for years to come. You can also enjoy green tea in delicious macha flavor! 

Puerh Tea 

Puerh tea tastes just as fancy as its name sounds! Pronounce it whatever way you see fit, you can’t go wrong with this tea. It takes its origin from ancient Chinese traditions, when it was widely used for its herbal and medicinal properties. It gets its characteristic flavor via the fermentation process. Puerh tea has many amazing health benefits, and greatly helps with weight loss. It accelerates the mobilization and metabolism of fat, so that it can be eliminated from the body along with toxins and metabolic waste. It especially targets the stubborn belly fat that’s hard to get rid of. The energy boost you get from this tea also allows you to be more active and productive throughout the day. 

You can take Puerh tea after your daily meals as it helps with digestion. Digestive health is an important part of weight loss. The toxins and chemicals found in food can often block or hinder the absorption of important and essential nutrients in the food, and can cause an excess of fat storage in the body. With a healthy digestion and regular bowel movements, you can get rid of this problem permanently. You will thoroughly enjoy the delicious earthy flavors and aroma of this tea. The longer you allow the tea to age, the stronger its flavor will get. 

Some researchers also show that by making Puerh tea a regular part of your everyday routine, you can lower your blood triglyceride levels significantly, and also lower your sugar level in the body. This helps balance the hormones, and the lower amount of triglycerides eliminates harmful cardiovascular conditions. If the triglycerides level in the body are high, they can cause clogging of artery or form clots in the blood flow, causing a sluggish circulation that limits the amount of oxygen that reaches the heart. It is quite dangerous and can cause permanent damage to the heart. 

By lowering the blood sugar, it also prevents the insulin from spiking in the body, and can prevent diabetes when taken along with a healthy lifestyle. It causes weight loss by suppressing the hormones that cause the brain to feel hungry. It also causes an increased feeling of satiety in the body, so that you can eat less and have more healthy food choices. 

  • Black Tea 
  • We all love black tea! Add some cream, or a few drops of honey, agave or maple syrup, and enjoy the delicious beverage with your evening snacks. It is also often taken in place of coffee in the morning, as black tea has a high concentration of caffeine and causes you to stay more alert and active throughout the day. It is very flavorful with a strong and rich taste. The tea leaves used for black tea undergo quite a vigorous oxidation process that brings out a very strong flavor even with minimal brewing. This strong flavors help jolt the mind to be active, and can fight somnolence and laziness throughout the day. The chemical process of oxidation is brought about by exposing the herbal tea leaves to air for a certain period of time, which causes them to acquire a strong brown color and a very distinctive taste. 

    Black tea is available in a variety of forms in the market. Be it the English breakfast tea or a soothing blend of earl grey, you will find something that definitely suits your palate. The effects of black tea on weight loss and promoting good general body health is backed up with a many researches and studies. 

    The main process through which black tea helps with effective and long term weight loss is through its efficient detoxification and boost in metabolism. It has a cleansing effect by causing the body’s natural detox process to accelerate, and giving a much needed rest to the organs that are overwhelmed with toxins and chemicals found in the food. People who make black tea a regular part of their diet find a significant reduction in the circumference of their belly over time. The caffeine found in black tea also helps with weight loss by causing a high metabolic rate that burns fat at a high rate. The flavones found in black tea comes from plant pigments and can’t be naturally produced by the body. These flavonoids are loaded with beneficial antioxidants that help the body in a number of ways. Its main effect is the elimination of harmful free radicals from the body, and it also promotes a healthy body weight. It targets the stubborn belly fat and oxidizes it so that it can be removed from the body. 

    Oolong Tea 

    You will definitely enjoy the exotic flavors of oolong tea. It is very delicious and tasteful with a rich blend of plant based herbs and spices. The tea leaves of oolong tea were used by Chinese and its evidence can be found in ancient traditions where the oolong tea proved to have very potent medicinal effects against high body weight and a number of infections. The tea leaves get their flavor via the meticulous partial oxidation process.

    The delicious and light fruity flavor has a very pleasant aroma. The unique flavors take no time in getting used to, and it can be easily made a regular part of your diet. You can enjoy a wide array of health benefits by a routine use of oolong tea. Studies and research back up its effects in eight loss. It causes a high metabolic rate in the body which mobilizes stored fat, especially the one stored around belly. It also causes an effective breakdown of fats so that they are eliminated from the body along with toxins and metabolic waste. The high metabolic rate also allows you to plan a more active lifestyle, and be more creative and productive throughout the day. It also has a certain degree of cleansing and detox effect on the body, as it boosts the body’s organs that bring about natural detoxification. 

    Oolong tea helps the digestive tract with absorption of important nutrients and elimination of fats and toxins instead of absorbing them in the body. It causes a notable drop in water weight which gives a flattening effect to the stomach and lower abdomen. It flushes out salt water retention and painful bloating and distention. 

  • White Tea 
  • White tea is not that common, but it can be easily found in markets and online stores. It is delicious and has a unique and distinct flavor that you can enjoy with your meals. The tea leaves that are used for white tea undergo a very minimal process of oxidation. It causes the herbs and spices to be present in the tea in their purest, unspoiled and potent form so that you can get maximum health benefits by brewing them. These tea leaves used for white tea are harvested from tea plant when it’s still in a growing stage, undergoing a spurt of growth. This makes the tea taste very light and delicate, with a sweet and tender aroma that enriches the senses and refreshes your mood. 

    White tea is great for weight loss, but it has many other positive impacts on the body too. It is excellent for the oral health as it fights against harmful bacteria’s that can cause carious lesions in the teeth. They also boost a healthy gum and periodontal health by fighting plague and stains. Some researches even state that white tea might have a slight ability to fight against cancer causing cells and limit the probability of cancer in the body. One thing to note here is that white tea is in no way a cure for cancer, but can only cause a healthy and strong immune system that may help with the prevention of cancer. 

    Now let’s talk about weight loss, as it is the number one reason why white tea is popular and a part of this list. By incorporating white tea in your daily routine, you can not only lose weight and stubborn belly fat, but also maintain it for life! It helps with weight loss by breaking down the fats stored in the body and raising the natural metabolic process of the body. It effectively eliminates fats from the body along with toxins, chemicals and metabolic waster. The tea leaves are rich in catechins which are great for boosting metabolism. Catechins also increase the feeling of satiety in the body so that you can feel full for a longer time. This limits senseless eating and constant snacking, while helping you make better eating choices throughout the day. The white tea can also contain some amount of caffeine that keeps you alert and productive, and allows you to incorporate some sort of physical activity in your daily routine. 

    Herbal Detox Tea 

    Las but not the least, detox teas are excellent for weight loss! The cheap and easily available food in the market is often heavily processed and contains a large amount of harmful additives, including unknown chemicals and preservatives that isn’t identified by the body as nutrition. This causes the body to store these harmful components in the form of unhealthy and dangerous fat that causes weight gain and a number of health issues by causing pressure on vital organs of the body. 

    The increased level of toxins also overwhelm the body’ natural detoxification organs. These organs include liver, lung, heart, kidney, blood and lymphatics. If these organs are overwhelmed and malfunction, it is very dangerous for the health. Detox teas boost the natural functions of these organs and allow effective detoxification. It causes an accelerated and healthy liver function by causing a breakdown of fat, and also enhancing the production of bile. One thing to note here is that b excess use of detox tea, the liver function is boosted too much, so that an excess of bile can represent in the body as jaundice. So moderation is key when it comes to the use of detox tea. 

    Detox tea has a diuretic effect on the body, and in this way it boosts the kidney function. By a moderate and well-regulated diuretic effect, the body can flush out salt water retention, significantly reducing water weight and painful bloating and distention of stomach and abdomen. This causes you to appear slimmer but it doesn’t cause fat loss, which is a much longer process and requires a lot of patience along with clean eating and regular physical activity. The diuretic effect also cause elimination of harmful toxins and chemicals from the body, so that there is no stress on the organs. With an excess of this diuretic function, the boy can get dehydrated and lose essential minerals and electrolytes. So make sure you are well hydrated and not drinking too much detox tea. 

    Another great and desirable effect of detox tea is regulating bowel movements. With a regular bowel movement and healthy digestion, the body can absorb beneficial nutrients from the diet and also effectively eliminate toxins and fats from the diet. It reduces constipation, bloating, heartburn and uncomfortable distention of the abdomen. 

    Detox Tea Regime 

    Detox teas come with a strict regime and it should be followed faithfully if you want to be safe and have effective weight loss without exerting too much pressure on your body. Leptinteatox offers a wide range of special detox tea products that are available in either loose tea or teabag form depending on your preference. These cleansing programs last from 2 weeks to 2 months, and it is highly recommend to take a 3-6 months gap between each cleansing cycle to prevent any side effects. There are several morning and evening cleansing programs that can be used separately or in combination to bring about effective weight loss. 

    Along with the use of herbal teas, it is also very important to have an active lifestyle, with a healthy diet and some sort of physical activity incorporated in your routine. With clean and healthy eating, herbal teas can have an accelerated effect on weight loss and cause the body to enhance its detoxification and metabolism. Your efforts in the gym are also highlighted and boosted with the help of the potent herbs found in herbal teas. 

    The best part about drinking herbal teas is the fact that it doesn’t take much time in getting used to its taste, and it’s very easy to adjust them in your routine. The ones that have caffeine can be used in place of coffee in the morning, and at evening and night, a more relaxing blend like lemongrass or chamomile can be used to send you off to the finest night of sleep. There are many flavors and varieties of herbal teas, with different combination of herbs, species and fruits that taste amazing and tend to every palate. You can find these herbal teas in most markets and can also purchase them online on leptinteatox. They have an all-natural and organic blend of the most potent plant based herbs to give you the desired results in very little item. Make sure that you never exceed the recommended dose and frequency of consuming detox tea. With excessive use of detox tea, you can experience problems like dehydration, weakness, diarrhea, stomach pain, and even jaundice. So when it comes to weight loss, you have to be patient and practice some moderation to be safe and healthy during your weight loss journey.