By now you all must be familiar with detox teas. They are rapidly trending on social media, and many notable brands are being endorsed by celebrities. These detox tea cleansing packages claim to accelerate weight loss process and improve health in no time. While these claims are quite impressive, are they truly effective? Detox teas can be quite expensive if you are going for a short cleanse, and in some cases the cost may outweigh its benefits, especially in the long run when you are off the program and back to your routine. 

In this article, I’ll tell you how detox tea works and what are its effects on the body. The shortest cleansing program for detox tea is of 14 days. Leptinteatox offers these 14 days packages in both teabags and loose tea leaves form, and you can have both morning and evening cleanse in combination. Here’s how the 14 days cleanse system had its effect on my body. 

  • Changes in Abdomen 
  • The very first sign that you’ll notice when you are on one of these detox tea cleanse programs, is a significant flattening of the stomach and abdominal area. This is especially apparent in cases when you have had an unhealthy diet prior to this change, and often suffer from bloating due to a high sodium diet. 

    The reason for this flattening of the abdomen is due to the drop in water weight. Detox teas work in the body by accelerating the detox process that’s carried out by lungs, livers, kidneys, blood and lymphatics. Due to the toxic content in highly processed food and junk, these organs can get overwhelmed and fatigued. Their function becomes sluggish, and with high sodium, the body starts retaining excess water. This causes bloating and uncomfortable distention of abdomen. Detox tea works on this and flushes out the salt water retention, along with many toxins and metabolic waste. This causes flattening of the abdominal area. 

    Although this is a very desirable and impressive change, it can only be sustained with a healthy routine after you are off the detox tea cleanse. It is very easy to gain back water weight, sometimes even more than you lost in the first place. So I’d suggest always starting detox tea programs with the determination of also changing your lifestyle along with it. This ensures that all the good changes you see in your body are long lasting and permanent. 

  • Improved Digestion 
  • Another great effect of detox tea is regular bowel movements and an overall improved digestion. This is very beneficial for those who suffer from digestive issues like constipation, excessive flatulence, heartburn and other stomach problems. Detox teas have natural herbs that are very potent and effective. They supply the body with an abundance of plant based vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that aid in digestion. It also aids in colon cleansing. Colon can get largely distended and hold a large amount of sludge at a single time. This can cause inflammation and discomfort in the whole body. Detox tea relieves this distention and effectively expels toxic waste and chemicals from the body. The plant based active compounds have direct effect on hormone levels, to regulate the important functions of the digestive track, like absorbing essential nutrients from the diet, and preventing the absorption and storage of fat and other toxins. 

    As these toxins and additives in processed food are not recognized by the body as nutrients, our digestive track often stores them in the form of harmful visceral fat. It causes a lot of pressure on vital organs, and is very hard to get rid of. While detox tea can’t exactly help you lose this fat in 14 days, it can inhibits its absorption and storage which is good for the body. 

    Another effect of detox teas is a diuretic effect, through which it aids the kidney in expelling toxins and excess water from the body. You will be annoyed by the frequent urination in the start, but the body slowly gets used to it and you adapt. The diuretic effect is great in getting rid of chemicals and harmful toxins from the body, and it also prevents the retention of water in the body. This further contributes towards the limiting of bloating in the abdomen. 

    Please be careful while using detox tea, and don’t exceed the recommended daily dose. If you drink an excess of detox tea to attain even quicker results, it can be detrimental to the health. The regulation of bowel movement coupled with diuresis can cause dehydration in excess, and may deplete your system of essential electrolytes. This causes dizziness, nausea, fatigue, lethargy, diarrhea and even fainting. So make sure you are sticking on the regime recommended by the brand of your cleansing program. 

  • High Energy 
  • This is especially true for the morning boost of the detox tea cleanse. These teabags or loose tea leaves have some concentration of caffeine present in their composition. This, along with the all-natural herbs, give your brain a much needed boost of energy. It allows you to be more productive and creative in your daily routine, and you’ll feel more active. This also allows you to incorporate some sort of physical activity in your daily routine, which you were too lazy to do so before the detox tea cleanse. 

    It is very important to stay active and exercise to achieve full effect and health benefits of detox tea. If you don’t like exercising, you can choose a sports of your choice, or enroll in a fun program that helps you learn new skills like archery, horseback riding or swimming. Whatever way you choose to stay active, it’s going to pay off big time. There are also some devices available to help you get some work out in while you spend your day on a desk job. Of course, to plan and actually put these things to action, you need energy and motivation, which detox tea will surely provide! 

  • Improved Metabolism
  • Another great effect of detox tea on the body is high metabolism. This contributes towards high energy that we already discussed. The plant based vitamins, minerals and antioxidants increase the normal metabolic rate of the body. You will find yourself sweating more, feeling more energetic, and having a general sense of activeness. High metabolism eventually leads to the metabolism of fat as well. Although this is not something that you should look forward to with just 14 days of cleanse. But the boost in metabolism will surely help you get to the point where you can start losing fat. 

    High metabolism also aids in digestion, regulates your mood and keeps you happier! 

    • Regulates Mood 

    In these 14 days, you will definitely notice some improvement in your mood. This is also due to high metabolism and the boost in brain function. It keeps you active and you will find yourself to be more active and productive at work. The high energy levels also allows you to work out or be more physically active, which releases endorphins in the body. So you’ll notice that those Monday blues and seasonal depression is much improved with the regular detox tea cleanses. You will feel better about yourself and get more work done. 

    • Increased Feeling of Satiety 

    This is due to the potent herbs working their magic on your body! They suppress the hormone that increases the feeling of hunger in the body, and boosts the release of hormone that causes a feeling of satiety. Drinking detox teas along with your meals also make you eat less and feel fuller for long periods. This prevents mindless snacking throughout the day. You will notice that you can practice portion control without killing yourself due to it. You won’t have to be too hard on yourself while trying to eat clean and keeping away from junk food and fizzy drinks. Detox tea makes it easier to do all of these things and more! With an improved and healthy diet, you will feel lighter and stay in a good mood throughout the day. 

    The detox tea is also loaded with antioxidants. These include polyphenols and catechins among other active compounds. They help the body get rid of free radicals that can otherwise cause oxidative stress on the cells. Antioxidants are also great for the skin. They impart a natural glow and keep the skin healthy and smooth. You will notice a decrease in frequent breakouts. It also lowers inflammation and infections in the body, and boost the immunity so that you are better equipped to fight bacteria, viruses and other infections. 

    Best Detox Tea Programs 

    Here are some of the best detox tea cleansing programs by Leptinteatox that you can enjoy at an affordable rate. Rest assured of the quality and authenticity of the ingredients. Every herb in these detox teas is organic and completely natural. If you stick to the recommended regime and carry these cleanses alongside a healthy lifestyle, you will definitely start noticing changes as early as 14 days! These detox teas are available online very easily and you can also find them in some local health shops and pharmacies. 

    The detox tea products by Leptinteatox come with instructions and guidance for your daily routine with clean eating and exercising. This helps you stay on track and lose weight while staying healthy. Your body goes in detoxification mode and you get rid of harmful toxins and waste. By practicing a healthy lifestyle and sticking to it, you can keep off this weight for years to come and enjoy the many health benefits of detox teas. The all natural and herbal ingredients of Leptinteatox detox teas are made after years and years of elaborate research to make sure that you are given the very best. The formula and concoction of herbs is backed up by scientific researches to assure their safety. They are free of side effects when used in the recommended dose, and help you feel light and active. 

    • 28 Day Teatox Super Pack

    Get super charged with this super pack by Leptinteatox. It is a 2 step program that aids in weight loss and promotes a healthy lifestyle. The detox tea works around the principles of cleansing and purification of the body. In step 1 of this super pack program, the ingredients work together to boost the energy levels in your body. This helps you stay active and alert throughout the day. It also helps you make wiser decisions when it comes to meal planning and snacking. In step 2 of the program, the ingredients work to boost your digestion. They regulate a healthy and frequent bowl function so that your body can effectively get rid of toxins and metabolic waste at an accelerated rate. It also helps flushing out excess water weight and prevents the retention of sodium which causes bloating. Every effort you put towards the betterment of your health while staying on this program is magnified and enhanced by the help of potent herbs. 

    With this program, you can enjoy a great boost to your body’s natural metabolic process and have a high surge of energy that lasts throughout the day. It suppress the appetite so you eat less and feel full for longer hours. This reduces the consumption of unhealthy and processed food as well as fizzy drinks, which can be replaced by delicious cups of detox tea. By purchasing this program, you will be delivered 2 bags of morning boost tea that has 28 teabags. You will also get 2 bags of night cleanse tea without caffeine that helps you relax and improves sleep. You can purchase 2 months’ worth of these products and have a full 60 days cleansing routine. Make sure that you give at least 3-6 months break between every cleansing cycle to give your body a break. 

    • 28 Day Teatox Pack

    Much like the above mentioned program, this one is also designed to last you 28 days and comes with 28 tea bags. The only difference is that you will be getting one month’s supply instead of two. But it is still quite impressive and provides all the health benefits and weight loss effect in the given time. It works on the same 2 step program to boost your metabolic rate and regulate the digestion. It provides effective detoxification so that your body gets rid of all metabolic waste, chemicals and toxins that have been piling up for way too long! Enjoy the added boost of energy and activeness. 

    • 14 Day Teatox Pack

    Now we come to the popular 14 day s program by Leptinteatox. The reason for its popularity is the fact that it is very less time but the effects are still great! This is one of those quick fixes before an event or a big function is coming up. In just a matter of 14 days, you will notice the most impressive changes in your body. The swelling and inflammation in the body will subside, the bloating will go down, salt water retention will be flushed out, and you’d also very likely drop a few pounds of water weight! The diuretic effect effectively excretes out toxins and waste from the body. This helps you feel lighter and improves the overall health in just 2 weeks. 

  • Skinny Tea For Detox Treatment (28 Days)
  • In this program, you will get morning boost tea packages. They have special ingredients that help you stay active and boost energy levels. You will find yourself more energetic and productive throughout the day, and also much more refreshed and focused at work. Just have one cup of this delicious blend early in the morning after you wake up. 

    This product also has caffeine, so it will be easy to replace it with your morning coffee without any withdrawal symptoms of caffeine. It boosts creativeness and general mood while also detoxifying the body as promised. You will feel lighter, and it will definitely help you with weight loss as well. This can be enjoyed solo, or combined with night cleanse for an accelerated detox effect. 

  • Night Cleanse (28 Days)
  • Night cleanse is free of caffeine and any brain stimulating ingredients. It allows you to relax and get a long and good night of sleep so that you are refreshed and full of energy in the morning. It is especially designed to sooth the body, while also working on detox and weight loss in full swing while you sleep! It rids the body of impurities and toxins, and helps regulate bowel movements. 

    The specially formulated concoction also has a diuretic effect, but rest assured, your sleep won’t be disturbed through the night. This tea also has an appetite suppressant effect, and helps you make healthier choices so that you don’t binge eat at dinner. 

    When it comes to detox tea programs, I’d emphasis the importance of sticking to a strict regime to enjoy all the benefits of the tea without having to suffer from any unpleasant side effects.